Potential Witnesses and Names that may be Mentioned during the Trial

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007; 4:14 PM

* Floyd Abrams (Partner at the law firm Cahill, Gordon & Reindell)

* Spencer Ackerman (Journalist)

* David Addington (Vice President Cheney¿s Chief of Staff)

* Mike Allen (Washington Post Reporter)

* Michael Anton (National Security Council Official)

* Kirk Armfield (FBI Agent)

* Richard Armitage (Former Deputy Secretary of State)

* Daniel Bartlett (Counselor to the President)

* Robert Bennett (Partner at the law firm Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom)

* Deborah Bond (FBI Agent)

* Massimo Calabresi (Time Magazine Reporter)

* Andrew Card (President Bush¿s former Chief of Staff)

* Jay Carney (Time Magazine Editor)

* Vice President Richard B. Cheney

* Matthew Cooper (Time Magazine Reporter)

* John Dickerson (Journalist)

* Jack Eckenrode (FBI Agent)

* Eric Edelman (Former Assistant to the Vice President and Ambassador to Turkey)

* Douglas Feith (Former Department of Defense Official)

* Jennifer Field (Former Staff Member, Office of the Vice President)

* Ari Fleischer (President Bush¿s Former Press Secretary)

* Donald Fierce (Government Relations Consultant)

* Alan Foley (CIA Official)

* Carl Ford (State Department Official)

* Gerard Francisco (Office of Special Counsel)

* Paul Gigot (Journalist for the Wall Street Journal)

* David Gregory (Chief White House Correspondent for NBC News)

* Robert Grenier (Former CIA Official)

* Marc Grossman (Former Undersecretary of State)

* Stephen Hadley (President Bush¿s National Security Advisor)

* John Hannah (Vice President Cheney¿s National Security Advisor)

* Bill Harlow (CIA Official)

* Debra Heiden (Assistant to the Vice President)

* Seymour Hersh (Journalist, Contributor to The New Yorker)

* Richard Hohlt (Consultant)

* Bob Joseph (Under Secretary of State)

* John Judis (Editor, The New Republic)

* Glenn Kessler (Washington Post Reporter)

* Walter Kansteiner (Former Assistant Secretary of State)

* Nicholas Kristof (New York Times Columnist)

* Carol Kuntz (Former Assistant to the Vice President)

* Emily Lawrimore (Staff Member, Office of the Vice President)

* Adam Levine (Former Assistant to the President)

* Lewis ("Scooter") Libby (the defendant; Former Chief of Staff and National Security Advisor to the Vice President)

* Cathie Martin (Former Press Aid to the Vice President)

* David Martin (CBS News Reporter)

* Mary Matalin (Former Assistant to President Bush and Counselor to Vice President Cheney)

* Chris Matthews (Television Talk Show Host)

* Jennifer Mayfield (Former Assistant to Mr. Libby)

* Scott McClellan (Former White House Press Secretary)

* Dean McGrath (Assistant to the Vice President)

* John McLaughlin (Former Deputy Director of the CIA)

* Judith Miller (Former New York Times Reporter)

* Jennifer Millerwise (Former Press Aide to the Vice President)

* Andrea Mitchell (NBC Reporter)

* Robert Novak (Chicago Sun-Times Reporter)

* Neil Patel (Assistant to the Vice President)

* Timothy Phelps (Newsday Washington Bureau Chief)

* Walter Pincus (Washington Post Reporter)

* Colin Powell (Former Secretary of State)

* Dana Priest (Washington Post Reporter)

* Condoleeza Rice (Secretary of State)

* James Risen (New York Times Reporter)

* Karl Rove (President Bush¿s Deputy Chief of Staff)

* Knut Royce (Newsday Reporter)

* Tim Russert (Moderator of Meet the Press)

* David Sanger (New York Times Reporter)

* Craig Schmall (CIA Employee)

* Hannah Siemers (Staff Member, Office of the Vice President)

* Bruce Swartz (Attorney, Department of Justice)

* William Taft IV (Former Chief Legal Advisor for the Department of State; Counsel at the law firm of Fried Frank)

* Joseph Tate (Partner in the law firm Dechert)

* George Tenet (Former CIA Director)

* Evan Thomas (Assistant Managing Editor, Newsweek)

* Larry Thompson (Former Deputy Attorney General)

* Paul Vallely (Retried Major General of the Army)

* Joseph Wilson (Former Ambassador)

* Valerie Plame Wilson

* Paul Wolfowitz (Former Deputy Secretary of Defense and President of the World Bank)

* Bob Woodward (Washington Post Reporter)

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