Climate Denial That Wilts

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Joseph Parisi's Jan. 13 letter is classic global-warming skeptic material. Mr. Parisi made statements that foster doubt among readers, but the statements don't stand up to scrutiny.

Mr. Parisi pointed to an absence of Category 5 hurricanes in the Atlantic in 2006 and the recent snow in Denver as reasons to question the existence of global warming, even though worldwide data show that the 11 hottest global temperature years (since records began in 1861) have been since 1990. As with many such skeptics, Mr. Parisi's thinking is not global -- for instance, he does not mention that there were four Category V typhoons in the Pacific in 2006, including the strongest ever recorded (Ioke).

This brings to mind the fact that about 15 percent of Americans believe that the Apollo moon missions never occurred and were staged on movie sets in the desert. Would The Post, in reporting on the space program, seek to be fair and balanced by giving this 15 percent a voice equal to that of astronauts, astronomers and academic experts? Why, then, give prominent voice to global-warming deniers, who are similarly at odds with facts?


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