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Guise and 'Dolls': Pussycat Execs Clawed by Critics

"And I don't think you answered it, either," a critic shot back. "In no way did I say I don't find the Pussycat Dolls entertaining. I think hot girls are tremendous. I'm just totally baffled at how you get from 'Dontcha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?' to celebrating women."

McG jumped back in: "Truth be told, it's just saying, 'Don't cha wish your girlfriend could be free and comfortable in her own skin and do her own thing like me?' "

Critics began to boo.

"It is!" Antin said, defensively.

* * *

Exciting new episode of "The Isaiah Washington Story: A Homophobe's Career Melts Down":

Three days after the "Grey's Anatomy" co-star upped his game by using the same anti-gay slur he used several weeks back during a scuffle with cast mate Patrick Dempsey (only this time to a roomful of reporters backstage at the Golden Globes), his employer, Disney, issued the strongest of statements announcing that Team Disney is against it.

Not "his heinie is outta here" against it. Just "his actions are unacceptable and are being addressed" against it.

Meanwhile, a carefully crafted do-over apology was issued on Washington's behalf in which, this time, he apologizes to fellow "Grey's" actor T.R. Knight by name.

In October, Washington used the slur in referring to Knight, even though Washington was fighting with Dempsey. Actors are complex personalities. Particularly the crazy ones.

Just so we're all clear on this, the second time Washington used the word, backstage at the Globes, he was responding to a question put to show creator Shonda Rhimes about the scuffle-and-slur. Washington stepped up to the mike and said he did not utter a slur to Knight. "Never happened, never happened," he said.

We wonder whether Washington thought he was pulling a fast one on the reporters, because technically he did not say the word to Knight, he said the word about Knight. To Dempsey. With whom he was fighting.

Remember, complex.

And crazy.

And homophobic.

Dempsey, standing near Rhimes, looked stricken as Washington repeated the slur and attempted to rewrite history.

"By repeating the word Monday night [at the Globes]," Washington said in his latest apology, "I marred what should have been a perfect night for everyone who works on 'Grey's Anatomy.' " That apology might have been issued by his new publicist.

He fired his old one after the Globes incident.

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