Monday, January 22, 2007

Inmates Living Longer Than Overall Population

Inmates at state prisons, particularly African Americans, are living longer on average than people on the outside, the government said yesterday.

The inmates are dying at an average yearly rate of 250 per 100,000, according to the latest figures that prison officials reported to the Justice Department. By comparison, the overall population between age 15 and 64 is dying at a rate of 308 a year.

Black inmates are dying at a rate 57 percent lower than that of the overall black population. White and Hispanic prisoners had death rates slightly above those of their counterparts in the overall population.

The Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics said 12,129 state prisoners died between 2001 and 2004.

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· NEW ORLEANS -- New Orleans's public housing agency plans to ask a judge to bar anyone from entering projects without permission and will file claims against some who are trying to avert the buildings' demolition. The Housing Authority of New Orleans and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development say damage from Hurricane Katrina has left thousands of apartments in housing projects unsafe. The agencies have approved plans to demolish the city's four largest public housing complexes and other smaller sites.

· MILWAUKEE -- A Northwest Airlines jet with 104 people on board skidded off a runway in snowy weather after the crew aborted the flight as it began accelerating for takeoff, airline officials said. One passenger on the DC-9 was treated for a sore back, airline officials said. The plane skidded when the pilot applied the brakes, an airport spokeswoman said, and the aircraft came to a stop on the grass by the runway. No serious injuries were reported in the late-morning incident involving Flight 1726, bound for Detroit.

· SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -- Former governor and congressman William J. Janklow (R) will emerge from his manslaughter probation Monday with a clean record, more than three years after he sped through a stop sign in a Cadillac and killed a motorcyclist. Janklow, 67, has regained his law license and may lawfully get behind the wheel again, having obeyed all conditions of his release, his probation officer said.

· TRENTON, N.J. -- Princeton University decided for the first time in four decades to keep its tuition steady, at $33,000 for the 2007-2008 school year. Room and board will rise, however, and the total cost for an undergraduate living on campus with a full meal contract will be $43,980.

· MINNEAPOLIS -- A man plummeted 16 floors after crashing through a double-paned window in a hotel, but he survived when he landed on a roof overhang. Police and fire officials said Joshua S. Hanson, 29, of Blair, Wis., had multiple broken bones and internal injuries. According to a police report, after Hanson and two friends returned from a night of drinking, Hanson ran down a short hallway toward a floor-to-ceiling window. He apparently lost his balance and crashed through the glass, then fell 300 feet, landing on the roof overhang one floor from the street.

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