Gibbs's Grandson Has Leukemia

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Washington Redskins Coach Joe Gibbs revealed in a posting on his Web site yesterday that his 2-year-old grandson, Taylor, has leukemia. During the videotaped segment on, titled "Trusting Through The Tough Times," Gibbs expressed his resolve to put his faith in God during this ordeal.

Taylor Gibbs, whose father, J.D. Gibbs, runs the family's racing team in North Carolina, was diagnosed two weeks ago. During the video address, Gibbs said that a medical update this week was positive and that Taylor has undergone several surgeries and has begun chemotherapy.

"We got the news on Taylor and it really devastated our whole family," Gibbs said. "So I've kind of been going through a process here the last two weeks and probably like a lot of you right now, this is much more important than winning football games, and certainly winning football games is important. It's the third most important thing in my life. God is first. Family and loved ones are second, and then my occupation is third."

-- Jason La Canfora

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