5-Year Tysons Nightmare Starts Soon

By Robert Thomson
Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dear Dr. Gridlock:

I understand that about 70,000 cars a day pass through Tysons Corner via Routes 123, 7 or the Capital Beltway. How will the elevated construction of the Metrorail extension through that area impact these traffic patterns?

I heard that it will take four years to complete the construction project. How will the average commute be affected?

Herb Kline


You're not going to like this one bit. For travelers, Tysons Corner will be the new Springfield interchange -- only more so -- and we need to pay a lot of attention to what's happening there: Transportation and development projects will disrupt the already-congested mini-city for more than a half-decade, and planners are trying to figure out how to ease those growing pains.

The years-long reconstruction of the Springfield interchange has gone very well for such a large and complex project, and planners involved in Tysons are looking to learn some lessons in reducing congestion.

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