LIFE IS SHORT | Autobiography as Haiku

LIFE IS SHORT | Autobiography as Haiku

Sunday, January 28, 2007

(Rebecca D'Angelo - The Washington Post)
Ever since that day, I expect it. Filling a prescription, at the eye doctor or on the phone with the insurance company, they ask, "Date of birth?" "9/11." There is always a reaction. A gasp of horror, sometimes pity. Some are even offended -- as if I have chosen to celebrate on such a tragic day. My sister suggested I choose a new birthday.

Yesterday at the bank, they had to verify my account. "Date of birth?" "9/11." He just kept clicking away on the computer. No reaction, not even a flinch. I don't think that's a good thing.

Beth Cecka


Just went to Germany. Lots of fun. Hiking and biking in Bavarian Alps. Mountains, trees and a 360-degree view. Next morning, in the airport, security pat-down. No, now back through without my belt. Beep! Once more without my watch. Shall I take everything off? Finally through. Gather my things and head to duty-free shop. Something German. . . . Gummi bears! At checkout, "What flight are you on, sir?" "903." "Sorry, sir, but you can't take those Gummi bears onboard any flight to the U.S. They are gelatin." Reluctantly, I put them back, thinking to myself, "Watch out, exploding Gummi bears . . ."

(Courtesy Daniel Redinger)
Daniel Redinger


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