Nice to see Jane Fonda in front of camera: W.House

Monday, January 29, 2007; 3:47 PM

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - White House spokesman Tony Snow could not resist a good-natured jab at actress Jane Fonda for appearing at an anti-Iraq war protest nearly 35 years after she earned the nickname "Hanoi Jane" for protesting Vietnam.

"You know, I mean, it's nice to see Jane Fonda in front of a camera again," Snow told reporters when asked about the march on Saturday. He did not elaborate.

Fonda, 69, joined tens of thousands of anti-war protest on the National Mall in Washington. In 1972, she made waves by appearing before the cameras as she sat on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun -- an incident she later came to regret.

Fonda saw a rebirth in her acting career with 2005's "Monster-in-Law," a comedy with Jennifer Lopez.

Snow said it was "perfectly appropriate" for Americans to protest the Iraq war if they desire.

"This is a vigorous democracy," he said.

But he said the protest did not appear to draw the 100,000 people that had been predicted by the event's organizers.

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