Sienna Miller 'Can't Wait' to Have Kids

The Associated Press
Thursday, February 1, 2007; 5:14 PM

NEW YORK -- Sienna Miller is both an actress and fashion icon. Still, there's one more title she'd like to have: mother. "I can't wait," she says in Life magazine's upcoming issue.

"In a world where you're encouraged to have your universe revolve around yourself, suddenly it doesn't. I know I want that because I have way too much love to give. If I have a child, it can all go there. Life, I think, will suddenly make sense."

Actress Sienna Miller arrives at the New York premiere of the movie
Actress Sienna Miller arrives at the New York premiere of the movie "Factory Girl", Monday, Jan. 29, 2007. (AP Photo) (AP)

In the new film "Factory Girl," the 25-year-old Miller stars as rich party girl and Andy Warhol muse Edie Sedgwick. She's also acted in the films "Casanova," "Layer Cake" and "Alfie."

Her on-and-off relationship with dashing ex-fiance Jude Law, 34, made her an overnight celebrity. She reportedly broke off their engagement in 2005 after he publicly apologized for cheating on her following reports that he had a fling with the nanny of his three children.

"What makes me sad (is) that there was a loss of innocence on my part," she says. "I was blinded by being a romantic person. I sort of feel like, `What if I never love that vulnerably and that openly again?' But I feel like I'm really strong. I feel like I grew up. People have made a huge deal of it."

The tabloid fixture has some hidden quirks.

"I have to sleep on the right side of the bed. I don't know why. ... I dip my French fries into chocolate milk shakes. I've never had a sex dream."

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