Kevin Federline offered brief stint at Taco Bell

Friday, February 2, 2007; 10:23 PM

LOS ANGELES, Feb 2 (Reuters Life!) - His marriage to pop star Britney Spears is on the rocks, his debut album opened to dismal sales and he's making TV commercials playing himself as a fast-food cook.

Now, as if to dispel any lingering doubt about where his showbiz career is headed, Taco Bell Corp. has invited Kevin Federline to work for an hour behind the counter at one of its restaurants.

The offer from the Mexican-themed fast-food chain came in a letter sent to Federline days before the rapper, also known as K-Fed, is due to appear in a Super Bowl television ad on Sunday playing a burger restaurant worker dreaming of stardom.

The National Restaurant Association, an industry trade group, last week blasted Federline's 30-second TV spot for Nationwide Insurance, saying the ad is an insult to fast-food employees and demanding that the commercial be dumped.

Nationwide has stood by its ad, and Federline has shrugged off the controversy, saying on Tuesday the commercial pokes fun at himself, not the restaurant industry.

Capitalizing on the ruckus, Taco Bell president Greg Creed wrote to Federline on Wednesday, inviting him to come to work at an unspecified outlet "just for a one-hour shift."

"We'll get you a uniform, a custom name tag and show you what a great place Taco Bell is to work," the letter said, quoting Federline as having said last year that his own kids would work someday at Taco Bell.

"It is a genuine offer," Taco Bell spokesman Rob Poetsch said on Friday, adding that the company has received no response from the singer-dancer. Federline's publicist was not immediately available for comment.

Spears, 25, filed for divorce from Federline, 28, last November. He debut album has since failed to make a dent in the pop charts, and a number of dates on his U.S. tour were canceled due to lack of interest.

Asked how much Taco Bell, a unit of Yum Brands Inc., might pay Federline for an hour of his time, Taco Bell spokesman Poetsch said, "We really haven't discussed money."


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