Class of KidsPost

Monday, February 12, 2007

The 24 fourth-graders in Sylvia Walenius's class at Hunters Woods Elementary School for the Arts and Sciences in Reston shared some of their thoughts with KidsPost.

Favorite author: J.K. Rowling won easily with 7 votes.

Favorite thing to collect: Sports cards (5 votes) topped rocks (4 votes).

Favorite game: Uno and Life tied with 5 votes each.

Favorite game system: Game Boy Advance/Nintendo DS clobbered the competition with 10 votes.

Favorite thing to do with your family: Going on trips got 4 votes. Watching movies, eating dinner together and playing games also were mentioned.

How much time do you spend on the Internet each week? Two hours or less: 15 votes. More than 2 hours: 8 votes. Don't use the Internet: 1 vote.

Favorite Web site: got 6 votes. Other popular cyber places included, and

Are you allowed to watch PG-13 movies? Four kids said no. PG-13 movies other kids mentioned included "Click," "King Kong" and "Scary Movie 4."

How often do you read KidsPost? Most days or always: 5 votes. A few times a week: 10 votes. Never or almost never: 9 votes.

Is a language other than English spoken in your house? Thirteen kids answered yes. The languages included Greek, Hindi, Urdu, Korean, Arabic, Spanish and German.

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