Tuesday, February 13, 2007

· The headline on a Feb. 11 article about Sen. John McCain's fundraising, "McCain Taps Cash He Sought to Limit," was misleading. As was clear in the story, McCain is seeking contributions for his presidential campaign from donors who once contributed "soft" money or who contributed to nonprofit political groups known as 527s, not from the groups themselves.

· A Feb. 11 Travel article misspelled the name of an art collector whose house is now a museum outside Mexico City. She is Dolores Olmedo Patiño, not Dolores Olmeda Patiño.

· A Feb. 11 KidsPost graphic about Valentine's Day candy was missing some information. A correct version appears today on Page C12.

· The Escapes column in the Feb. 7 Style section misstated the price of a Valentine's Day package at the Holladay House in Orange, Va. The deal, which includes dinner, wine, breakfast and other extras as well as lodging, starts at $270 a night.

· A Feb. 6 item incorrectly said that Norfolk Island, a territory of Australia, is about 1,180 miles northwest of Sydney. It is northeast. Also, the headline in some editions incorrectly said that the island was settled by mutineers. It was settled by descendants of the HMS Bounty mutineers.

· A Feb. 4 article said that about a third of Jordan's population of 5.9 million are Palestinian refugees. The proportion includes Palestinian refugees and their descendants.

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