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Sunday, February 18, 2007

7:30 P.M. | BLT Steak | Downtown

Kai: I arrived at the restaurant right at 7:30, from work. The hostess and the manager smiled at me and said, "Your date is here." [He was in the waiting area.] I noticed right away that he was cute and dressed well. And he had nice teeth -- remember how I said I liked nice teeth? People who had dental work in the past tend to take care of themselves.

Damon: The maitre d' signaled toward me and smirked, so I knew it was her. I was, um, pleased. She was physically attractive. Then within five minutes she said, "I told them I was looking for a law firm partner from Compton." I'm not partner, but I am on the cusp, and I'm from the East Coast equivalent of Compton. I knew things would go well.

Kai: When someone has been in the same area all their life, my first impression is that they're not that worldly or well-traveled or adventurous, but as we were talking, I found that not to be true. He did go to undergrad somewhere else, and he was in Australia [for a few months]. When we were ordering, there was one thing he wasn't familiar with, gnocchi, and he tried it. He also told me the name of his firm. It's large, well-known and well-respected. He's obviously done well there. He also knows someone at my firm that I know well, so that made me feel comfortable.

Damon: [Because she works at a law firm] she knows what I do. We traded war stories.

Kai: He seemed really interested in stuff I had done, too. I'd auditioned for "Survivor" in Orlando, and camped out all night in front of a nightclub for the casting call. And I went to Buñol, Spain, for the annual La Tomatina festival, where 30,000 people have a tomato food fight. I got a bruise on my face.

Damon: Her adventurousness showed that she might do things with reckless abandon, which is fun. On some date she went on, she flew to [see] the guy, and at the airport, she knew it wouldn't be what she expected. He was wearing a choker and a cut-off shirt showing off his muscles.

Kai: So then Damon said, "Well, I have a choker necklace, but I don't wear it."

Damon: I went wild boar-hunting in Fiji, and the parting gift was a boar tusk necklace. The necklace now is being worn by a stuffed animal in my house. There was a lot of laughter, a lot of giggling, yeah. I had a long day, so when I met her it was just like stress relief.

Kai: We were at the restaurant for a long time, close to three hours. I get bored easily, but I wasn't looking at my watch. After, we went to my car, and I took him to the Metro station. I told him I was scared that he would say all kind of crazy things about me, and he said, "Guys are going to be calling the newspaper saying, 'I've got to meet that girl.' " I would rank the date a 4 out of 5.

Damon: I'd give it a 5. We got along fabulously. Fabulously. Would I like to see her again? Yes. Will that happen? I don't know. I'm very busy, and she's very busy. I do have a vibrant social life.

Interviews by Yuki Noguchi

UPDATE: Damon left a voice mail, e-mailed and sent Kai a note via snail mail. The two recently got together for lunch.

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