Expanding the Reach of 'No Child'

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The 230-page report from the Commission on No Child Left Behind [" 'No Child' Commission Presents Ambitious Plan," news story, Feb. 14] would, if Congress adopts the commission's recommendations, increase the reach of this ill-conceived and stultifying law, which would be better called No Teacher Left in Front.

The law forces educators to "teach to the test" and gnaws away at their ability to inspire a love of learning for its own sake. Teachers must be allowed to share their excitement for knowledge with the children entrusted to them, or fewer people will want to be teachers.

Every student deserves to know that school is not a hub for true-or-false regurgitations but a place where their personal kit of life-tools can be discovered, honed and broadened. Enthusiasm and motivation do not arise from an encircled A, B, C or D.



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