Apple, Cisco Settle Dispute Over Use of 'iPhone' Name

Associated Press
Thursday, February 22, 2007

SAN JOSE, Feb. 21 -- Cisco Systems and Apple said Wednesday night that they had settled the trademark-infringement lawsuit that threatened to derail Apple's use of the iPhone name for its new iPod-cellphone device.

The companies said they agreed that Apple may use the name in exchange for exploring "interoperability" between the companies' products in security, consumer and business communications. No other details of the agreement were released.

The companies said they would drop any pending legal actions regarding the trademark.

Cisco, which makes computer-networking equipment, sued Apple last month in federal court in San Francisco, the day after Apple unveiled its iPhone. Cisco said Apple's use of the name was a "willful and malicious" violation of a trademark that Cisco has owned since 2000.

Negotiations between the companies broke down just hours before Apple introduced the product on Jan. 9.

The sticking point apparently was Cisco's demand that Apple allow its products to communicate with some of Cisco's equipment.

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