Top 10 Most Sought After Out-of-Print Books in 2006

Sunday, February 25, 2007

1. Sex, by Madonna (1992). The pop icon's first book.

2. Football Scouting Methods, by Steve Belichick (1963). The legendary college football scout's playbook, used by coaches and players.

3. Touch Me Again, by Suzanne Somers (1978). A collection of poetry from the "Three's Company" co-star.

4. Man in Black: His Own Story in His Own Words, by Johnny Cash (1975). The singer's autobiography -- and the source for the film "Walk the Line."

5. Treasury of Great Recipes, by Mary and Vincent Price (1965). Recipes from world-famous restaurants reworked for the amateur kitchen.

6. The Principles of Knitting, by June Hemmons Hiatt (1988). The ultimate knitting resource.

7. The Lion's Paw, by Robb White (1946). A children's adventure story.

8. The Secret of Perfect Living, by James Mangan (1963). An influential work in the personal behavior modification genre. (Republished in Dec. 2006)

9. Once a Runner, by John L. Parker Jr. (1978). A cult classic novel.

10. One Way Up, by John F. Straubel (1964). A chronicle of the history of helicopter development.

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