Read Their Lips: A Mix & Match Libby Trial Quiz

Monday, March 5, 2007

Are you a true Washington insider? Think you've been following the Scooter Libby perjury trial carefully? Test your knowledge by matching the statements with the people who said them. (All quotations come from testimony, documents or comments in the trial.)

-- Carol D. Leonnig

A. "I'm going to be a witness in that trial within a matter of weeks."

B. "It was a big 'So what.' Like a lot of things I've said to the press, it had no impact."

C. "But his wife is in the agency and is aWMD analyst. How about that [expletive]?"

D. "Madness! It's madness!"

E. "We'll talk straight. There is a cloud over what the vice president did."

F. "Call Tim [Russert]. He hates Chris [Matthews]. He needs to know it all."

G. "I must have been drunk."

H. "I didn't even know if [Joe Wilson] had awife."


ANSWERS: 1. D and G* 2. H. 3. F. 4. E. 5. G.* 6. C. 7. B 8. A. *(Both Wells and Mitchell said this.)

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