Jenna's Next Venture: A Book & a Tour

By Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts
Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Jenna Bush has landed a big-deal book deal -- and with it the requisite media tour, which means the 25-year-old super-private first twin will be venturing out into the public eye this fall like never before.

HarperCollins Publishers announced yesterday it has acquired Bush's first book, a nonfiction account of an impoverished 17-year-old single mother in Panama with HIV, whom the president's daughter met while interning there with UNICEF.

Aimed at a teen/young adult market, "Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope" will have a first printing of 500,000 copies.

"She's trying to share information about children and young adults who are living with poverty and disease, and trying to reach out to young adult readers to inspire them to get involved," said Kate Jackson, editor of the children's book division of HarperCollins. "We were really impressed by her vision."

Bush's college pal Mia Baxter took the photos that will illustrate the book. The deal was negotiated by Bob Barnett, the D.C. attorney-to-the-stars who has lined up book contracts for the Clintons, Mary Cheney and Alan Greenspan. He wouldn't disclose any amounts other than to say that it's a "very, very good deal." However, Bush does not stand to profit -- all her proceeds, after expenses, have been pledged to UNICEF charities.

Jackson said Bush has completed several drafts: "It's almost done." And yes, she's signed on for a publicity blitz. "She believes in this from the bottom of her heart," Jackson said. "She knows she is going to get a lot of attention, and she wants to direct it to the cause."

Oh, but we always get distracted! Take the author photo, provided by HarperCollins. Gotta ask: What's that on her left ring finger?"It's not an engagement ring, definitely not," said Laura Bush's spokeswoman Susan Whitson. "She's not engaged."

The Man Who's Ann: How to Play Her Now?

Impersonator Bill Pietrucha doing his Ann Coulter last year.
Impersonator Bill Pietrucha doing his Ann Coulter last year.(Capitol Cabaret)
Another Ann Coulter outrage! While conservatives and liberals alike howl about the implications of her latest shock-mock rhetoric, we step back and ask the big question: What's the impact on Washington's preeminent Ann Coulter impersonator?

"I play her very tongue- in-cheek," says Bill Pietrucha, who dons a blond wig, leggings and sheath dress to become the right-wing pundit. "She's just so over the top that she's the gift that keeps on giving to a comedian." For the past five years, the 58-year-old actor-writer has been portraying Coulter at fundraisers, comedy clubs and college campuses: "Obviously, my audiences are not neoconservatives."

Professionally, Pietrucha is trying to figure out how to incorporate Coulter's recent anti-gay slur into the act. But personally, he thinks she just needs to chill:"Boy, that girl needs Prozac in her oatmeal."

HEY, ISN'T THAT . . . ?

  • Scooter Libby looking forlorn and nervous Monday night at what proved to be a last supper of sorts at Chef Geoff's downtown. The former Cheney aide sat with a large group, including attorney Ted Wells, but while the others dug into dinner entrees and cocktails, Libby just picked at a small endive salad. He did have his share of the table's three bottles of red, though.
  • Karen Hughes and Hadassah Lieberman lunching together yesterday at the Four Seasons, which we like to imagine was the White House's secret back-channel attempt to get Sen. Joe Lieberman to switch parties but may well have been perfectly innocent. The senator's wife had her arm in a cast -- no details about that from the senator's office.

    "I've been teased about it relentlessly. . . . The cameras lie. It's a fraud."

    -- George H.W. Bush denying he patted pal Teri Hatcher on her backside last month, despite those intriguing paparazzo photos. The former prez hosted a women's leadership panel that included the actress at Texas A&M on Saturday.

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