Saturday, March 10, 2007

Anna Was No Daisy Mae

I nearly spilled my coffee while reading Ruth Marcus's Feb. 28 column, "The Princess and the Playmate," asserting that Anna Nicole Smith was comparable to "L'il Abner's" Daisy Mae and thus an embodiment of America's "white trash." For shame. As "L'il Abner" readers recall, Daisy Mae was not only beautiful and scantily clad, but she was also virtuous, honest and smart enough to fend off the advances of the likes of Big Barnsmell, Earthquake McGoon and other unsavory suitors for her hand.

Her true and only love was L'il Abner, an all-American boy, whom eventually she wed.

-- Phil True


Oil Politics

March 3 Free for All writer William F. Myers, who advocated boycotting Citgo gas, provided a prime example of the foolish thinking that is so prevalent among the American people and that is put in their minds by the Bush administration: that everyone else in the world is evil and we Americans are the good guys.

He said that buying Citgo supports "the agenda of the Venezuelan dictator." But buying gas from U.S. oil companies supports greedy oil barons and corrupt politicians. At least Hugo Chávez has compassion for the poor.

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