The Facts in a Criminal Case

Friday, March 16, 2007

Regarding Timothy J. Heaphy's March 12 letter, which commented on the March 5 Metro article "Cash and Cocaine, but No Conviction" and the recent federal conspiracy trial of my client Antoine Jones and his co-defendants:

Mr. Heaphy was wrong in saying that Mr. Jones was tried with four co-defendants; there were three.

He misstated the facts when he said that I was "extensively quoted" and that I had posited a theory that the "case was less serious in the eyes of jurors because it was not alleged that the defendants committed acts of violence." I said no such thing.

That "theory" was advanced by another defense attorney, and I intentionally limited my comments to The Post because Mr. Jones's case is ongoing.

It is inexcusable for Mr. Heaphy to misconstrue the facts and then suggest that I somehow insulted the jury's integrity, suggested that drug distribution is a victimless crime or suggested that jurors ignore instructions from the court.



The writer is defense counsel for Antoine Jones.

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