Significant Others

The Trophy Life

By Jeanne Marie Laskas
Friday, March 16, 2007

"Wait till you see the trophies," an old guy with a goatee says to a skinny woman in leggings. We"re in the waiting area of the karate studio, passing time.

"Trophies?" she says, excitedly. "We get trophies?"

"Well, our kids do," he says with a laugh. "Huge," he says.

"I"m serious, like three-foot-tall."

"Three feet tall?"

"My grandson used to have a shelf, but now he occupies a whole corner of the basement," he says. He tells her that his grandson is 8 years old and that he has been taking karate for a year and a half.

"He must be good," she says.

"Oh, they all get trophies," he says.

Apparently, the kids can get several trophies a year.

The discussion continues -- sizes and shapes of trophies, engraving, color.

I"m not saying anything because I"m new here, but then again, so, presumably, is the woman in leggings.

Maybe if the goateed man had addressed me first I"d be involved.

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