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Veggie Ice Cream

What's that crunch? Don't tell the kids, but it's raw vegetables
What's that crunch? Don't tell the kids, but it's raw vegetables (By Kathryn Norwood For The Washington Post)
Wednesday, March 21, 2007

· Uni a Sushi Place, 2122 P St. NW, 202-833-8038.

If you hear children being threatened that if they don't eat their entree they can't have their vegetables, credit James Tan, who juggles his roles as sushi chef and daddy with skill and imagination. At Uni a Sushi Place in Dupont Circle, he and his staff have created a Veggie Ice Cream ($3.50) that comes off much better than it sounds -- and much, much better than its ingredients suggest. It's a light, refreshing frozen dessert whose texture is more like granita than gelato. Multicolored speckles make it look like something in the tutti-frutti family, but it's even better because of its fresh, summery crunch. If you promise not to tell any kid under reading age: The crunch comes from raw carrots, cucumbers and broccoli pureed in a blender.

In case you want to try it at home, Tan warns that the three ingredients must be pureed separately and mixed one at a time into the ice cream mixture as it thickens.

-- Phyllis Richman

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