The Pet Food Recall

Saturday, March 24, 2007

-- If your pet ate any of the tainted foods recalled by Menu Foods and is not showing symptoms, that does not necessarily mean your pet is safe. There are two types of kidney failure: chronic, which is slow-acting, and acute. Both require immediate veterinary care, because lost kidney function cannot be regained. Both can be fatal.

Acute kidney failure is a sudden, major loss of kidney function, resulting in a very sick animal in a very short period. Symptoms are vomiting, refusal to eat, lethargy and increased drinking or urination.

Chronic kidney failure is slower damage, with a slower decline. Symptoms are subtle: gradual weight loss, occasional vomiting.

Veterinarians can use a urine test to screen for kidney failure and might follow it with blood work or an ultrasound. Treatment is to stop the loss of function.

-- The Web site asks owners to report sick pets there, to build a database, and to the Food and Drug Administration.

-- A list of the recalled products with product codes, descriptions and production dates is available at

--Menu Foods has two phone numbers pet owners can call for information: 866-463-6738 and 866-895-2708.

--FDA pet food recall information: http://hottopics/petfood.html

Menu Foods recalled the following pet foods. The recall is limited to "cuts and gravy"-style food sold in cans and pouches.

Cat Food

America's Choice,

Preferred Pets

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