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Former Fed Chief Commands A Pretty Penny for a Good Cause

Observed: Real foodies hold their wine glasses by the stem.

Dessert: PS 7's was the only table with melt-in-your-mouth sweets (truffles, cognac ganache chocolate, salted caramels, gold-flecked cherry lollipops). How does anyone resist? "To be honest, I don't eat a lot of chocolate," said pastry chef Naomi Gallego.

Overheard: "I have a reservation at your restaurant at 8 o'clock."

"Don't eat too much now."

"But it's soooo good."

Readers Tell Us

Maybe we seeded the contenders all wrong in the 2007 Reliable Source Gossip Tournament brackets last Sunday. Either that or our readers have a serious case of Plame-mania! Because " Valerie Plame, the Movie," (For real: a Warner Bros. project in development) powered past regional challengers like "Angelina on Council of Foreign Relations," "Al Gore's Oscar," and "Martin O'Malley's band" to become by far the most popular pick to make the Gossip Final Four.

Other things on our readers' minds this week: Donald Trump and WWE honcho Vince McMahon's peculiar wager on an upcoming pay-per-view fight, in which the CEO whose wrestler wins gets to shave the other's head.

Dave Krohn of Charlottesville writes: I can not believe I am the only one or the first one to see through the bluster. . . . The Donald has grown tired of the teases about his comb over. What better way to get rid of it? All without admitting that he's giving into peer pressure.

Provocative theory. You heard it here first. Send your questions and comments to

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