Points on the Antiwar Protest

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Three March 23 letters about the recent march on the Pentagon protest and counter-protest raised points that need to be addressed.

Regarding the letter from Matt Mendelsohn of Arlington: The Gathering of Eagles did not hire security to protect the monuments. We hired security to protect our rally and equipment. The Park Service, with the voluntary aid of thousands of veterans, protected the monuments.

Regarding the letter from Mark Burton of Damascus: Mr. Burton quoted Mahatma Gandhi, yet Gandhi would not have marched, as Mr. Burton did, with a group such as the Answer Coalition, which reveres the communist mass murderer Che Guevera and has unconditionally endorsed the terrorists in Iraq.

Regarding the letter from Victoria Saker Woeste of West Lafayette, Ind.: The racism and ageism expressed makes me doubt her accusation. She provided no evidence that horse manure was flung at protesters by counter-protesters. However, The Post has posted a video report that shows a peace protester spitting on a Gathering of Eagles participant.

Given that the Answer Coalition, the organizer of the antiwar protest, has endorsed the killing of American soldiers by the so-called Iraqi resistance, holds rallies to support terrorist groups such as Hezbollah and supports the communist North Korean government, the restraint shown by the 30,000 veterans and other patriotic Americans who by my estimate took part at the Gathering of Eagles was remarkable.


Spokesman and D.C. Coordinator

for the Gathering of Eagles

Co-Leader, D.C. Chapter of FreeRepublic.com

Silver Spring

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