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Coaching Rumor Mill Has Plenty of Grist

"So, you copied me, huh?" Smith said jokingly.

"Anything you do, I want to do, too," replied Alford, who left Iowa for his new job.

Alford was asked who he thought might succeed him at Iowa.

"No idea," he said, smiling.

Names started being bounced around: Crean?

"Don't think so," Alford said.

Several people brought up Chris Lowery, the coach at Southern Illinois.

"He's the kind of guy they probably should be looking at," Alford said, nodding in agreement.

Boeheim was asked if he had any idea who might get the job at South Florida, now a Big East school. He smiled.

"I'm just here trying to schedule road games for next year," he said. "My goal in life is to make the [tournament selection] committee happy."

Before he could launch into a tirade about his team being left out of the tournament, College of Charleston Coach Bobby Cremins walked up.

"Way to go, Jim," he said. "Way to tell those guys on the committee off."

"Can I play you on the road next year?" Boeheim asked.

He left the South Florida question unanswered. The answer, if you're following along, is Florida assistant coach Larry Shyatt.

There is, of course, still more to come as the weekend heats up. And Adolph Rupp may be in the mix at Kentucky.

Stay tuned.

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