It Came in the Mail

Sunday, April 1, 2007

An occasional look at products the travel industry insists we need.

WHAT: ShaveMate disposable razors with shaving cream inside the handle: the gray Titan for men, the pink Diva for women.

AIMED AT: Travelers who are packing light, fliers who can't find a can of cream smaller than 3 ounces and anyone who needs a quick shave on the run but doesn't want to carry both a razor and a can of shaving cream.

HOW MUCH: $3-$4.

BUT DO THEY WORK? These babies have S-3 Flex Neck Technology and Aqua Flow Blade Rinse, a patented feature that channels water through an innovative curved neck. I don't know what that means, but I can tell you that the Diva is pretty slick at stripping hair off legs well overdue for a good shave.

The shaving cream comes out of the handle as promised when you turn a little button, and it smells nice.

The company claims that the handle holds a supply of shaving cream that will last "a week or more." Unless your body hair grows at an alarming rate, I think the cream in the Diva should last well beyond a week. But men with daily needs would have to be pretty sparing with the cream to make it last seven days. I emptied a Titan after five bursts of an amount I figured you'd need to cover a man's face. Then again, I have little experience with removing facial hair, so maybe I was using too much.

-- Cindy Loose

ShaveMate is available at Walgreens stores, and

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