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Prince George's Official Charged In 2nd Gun Case

King said Washington then let himself into the house through the front door. Moments later, King noticed Washington behind his vehicle. Washington next went to the back of his house.

King finished his paperwork, walked to the center of the street, took photos of the home and shot two more street-view photos. He then knocked on the front door. When Washington answered, he immediately became irate, King said.

"He produced a handgun at one point with the barrel facing me in a threatening and deadly manner. I began to walk backwards toward the street, explaining I was an appraiser. I showed him the appraisal order form, but he continued to threaten me," King said.

Realizing he was at the wrong house, King said he got into his car as Washington "continued to scream and threaten" him. King drove up the street, stopped at the correct address and called 911, according to the documents.

King, of Columbia, said he did not know who Washington was until the neighbor told him.

"Considering what happened to the guys from Marlo Furniture, I felt both terrified and grateful that I wasn't killed," King said.

King, who met yesterday with reporters at the Bowie office of his attorney, Michael Winkelman, called the encounter with Washington "terrifying," saying the assault was unprovoked. He said Washington never identified himself as an officer.

Winkelman, who also represents White's and Clark's families, said he is "hopeful" that the county will conduct a fair investigation and, if necessary, prosecution of the officer.

John Erzen, a spokesman for County Executive Jack B. Johnson (D), said Washington remains in his homeland security job and is on administrative leave with pay.

Washington was processed at the Prince George's jail yesterday and briefly held in the medical unit in a cell by himself, away from the general population, said Vicki D. Duncan, spokeswoman for the Prince George's Department of Corrections.

Ivey said yesterday that a grand jury will decide whether to indict Washington on charges stemming from the case.

Staff writers Hamil R. Harris, Nelson Hernandez and Rosalind S. Helderman and researchers Karl Evanzz and Magda Louis-Jean contributed to this report.

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