100 Days and Beyond

Mayor Adrian Fenty's 100 Days and Beyond

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007; 9:30 AM

Create the position of Deputy Mayor for Education to make the education of our children a top priority for the Fenty Administration.
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Introduce legislation to improve public schools accountability.
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Develop a multi-year plan with milestones for providing voluntary, quality early childhood education to all three- and four-year olds in a variety of settings.

Reaffirm commitment to using the existing Mayor's Advisory Committee on Early Childhood Development (MACECD) to drive systemic quality improvement.

Support the development and implementation of a strategy to increase the number of certified early childhood education and childcare facilities.

Idenfity strategies and partners to support and enhance DCPS' ability to focus on student achievement.

Review existing initiatives and capital projects to reduce duplication and increase interagency collaboration.

Develop framework for an Interagency Collaboration and Services Integration Commission to address the needs of at-risk children through a comprehensive integrated service delivery system.

Accelerate the implementation of a unified student tracking and data sharing system.
[Letters to the Editor: Schools Need Bathrooms Before Databases.]

Develop a business plan for the launch of a new Office of the Ombudsman for Public Education for citizen concerns and timely responses.

Explore incentives or rewards for high quality principals and teachers.

Explore alternatives for the Mayor to accelerate repair and modernization of DCPS facilities, including a targeted initiative aimed at reducing the maintenance backlog.

Fill Mayor-appointed positions on the Schools Modernization Advisory Committee.

Develop implementation plan with timeline for making unused school facilities available to public charter schools.

Explore strategies for minimizing the need for special education through effective early intervention.

Continue consulting with the State Advisory Panel on Special Education for strengthening special education services.

Support a comprehensive, citywide strategy for Out of School Time programs, including public schools, community organizations, funders and other entities inside and outside the government.

Explore strategies for increasing parent and community involvement in education, including diverse immigrant communities.

Work with institutions of higher education, college access providers and other community partners to develop an action plan supporting the citywide goal of "doubling the numbers" of DC high school students graduating from college.

Work with the Board of Trustees and President of the University of the District of Columbia to identify key ways for the DC government to support improvements at the university.

Review current government investments in Career and Technical Education (CTE) and workforce training to identify gaps in programs and to recommend adjustments that will ensure investments are aligned with career opportunities.

Explore opportunities for enhancing effectiveness of the Workforce Investment Council.

Develop a strategy for supporting and enhancing adult education, ranging from adult literacy and language skills to job skills training.

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