100 Days and Beyond

Mayor Adrian Fenty's 100 Days and Beyond

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007; 4:57 PM

Provide the Mayor a homeland security briefing on his first day in office (Day 1).

Add four more EMS transport units to improve response times (30 days).

Reconvene Emergency Preparedness Council (30 days).

Enhance public safety agency coordination by beginning monthly meetings between firehouse leadership and police district commanders (30 days).

Reduce crime and fear of crime by instituting a Customized Community Policing program (60 days).

Reinstate the Continuing Quality Improvement and Quality Assurance Program at FEMS (60 days).

Support the Expansion of the Re-Entry Program to the DC Prison, providing 100 male and female misdemeanor offenders with Life Plan counseling sessions, a three-week life skills orientation, and re-entry center programs that coach them on job skills, literacy, and parenting (60 days).

FEMS Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) Training and Program Roll-Out (60 days).

Issue an updated protocol study guide to all FEMS personnel and perform field tests (90 days).

Begin implementation of the "Homeland Security, Risk Reduction and Preparedness Act of 2006" (B16-0242) by making the Emergency Management Agency the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency (90 days).

Identify key personnel who would require Homeland Security and Preparedness Training and develop a strategy to train them (90 days).

Establish a working group to lobby aggressively for the recapture of federal reimbursements to DC for holding sentenced felons in District prisons (90 days).

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