100 Days and Beyond

Government Operations

Information Compiled from dc.gov
Wednesday, April 11, 2007; 10:25 AM

Create bullpen to speed the pace of decisions and communications (day 1).

Streamline the Executive Office of the Mayor and the City Administrator's Office by eliminating 3 Deputy Mayor positions (day 1).

Launch CapStat, a program that fosters accountability and efficiency in government (1 week).

Appoint a new Personnel Director (1 week).

Display the snow plow tracking system on the dc.gov website (30 days).

Significantly reduce backlog of contract requests that are in process (100 days).

Develop a program to call residents who place service requests to ask them about the quality and timeliness of the government's response (100 days).

Appoint a new Chief Procurement Officer (6 months).

Aggressively recruit more bilingual employees, especially in customer-facing positions (6 months).

Start a "How am I driving?" campaign for all DC Government vehicles tied to 727-1000 (6 months).

Align agency services to eliminate duplication (e.g. DPW to provide waste hauling for Parks and Recreation). (1st year).

Propose comprehensive personnel reforms that speed up and clean up the District's hiring practices (1st year).

Propose procurement reforms that expedite the District's contracting processes (1st year).

[From more information on these initiatives, visit dc.gov.]

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