'Idol' Has Seen Enough of Haley

Haley Scarnato couldn't hold viewers' interest, even with her skimpy outfits.
Haley Scarnato couldn't hold viewers' interest, even with her skimpy outfits. (Taken From TV)
By Lisa de Moraes
Thursday, April 12, 2007

"American Idol" lost its naughty little thing last night -- Haley Scarnato was sent packing after receiving the fewest votes from viewers.

We, and the "American Idol" camera, have taken our last long look at Haley, from her spike-heeled shoes, up her gorgeous legs, past her hot pants, her halter tops, her dimpled cheeks and her flingable hair.

Though judge Simon Cowell thoroughly approved of this week's outfit, her Skimpy Clothing strategy finally failed her. In the end, she was outmaneuvered by Phil Stacey's Talk About My Adorable New Baby strategy. Haley and Phil were the bottom two vote-getters this week, but Phil survives to sing country tunes next week with Martina McBride.

Last night marked the return of the one-hour results show. And you could see why. The program was jammed full with a little girl at the Los Angeles Farmers Market telling show host Ryan Seacrest how much she loves Sanjaya Malakar's new facial hair.

Akon waved his arm and sang a tune.

Ford Motor Co. showed its first horror music video, in which the Idolettes morphed into one another.

Simon Cowell went to Africa to demonstrate that, as Ryan Seacrest says, one of those two bulges in his chest is a heart. Oh good, a surly white man come to save Africa -- haven't we seen this movie before?

Tony Bennett, who was a guest coach on the show earlier in the season, got humiliated by the judges in a canned bit that clearly made the audience uncomfortable -- he's such a nice old man.

Then there was all that extra footage they'd shot of the Idolettes gushing over this week's guest judge Jennifer Lopez -- "She's totally down to earth!" "The coolest person!" "You could tell she really wanted to help us!"

After which we got to see all the extra footage of Lopez saying the same things over and over again that she'd told them the night before, about feeling the passion and not worrying too much about the notes.

She then demonstrated with a song from her album.

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