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Clinton Taps Hispanic Outreach Leader

"The Democrats were elected to end the war," Kucinich said.

While the leading candidates for the Democratic nomination are seeking to draw distinctions over the war, he said none of them have taken steps to end it.

"We've got a fake debate going on inside the Democratic Party right now on the war," Kucinich said. "People are saying they are for peace and they are voting to keep the war going."


WASHINGTON (AP) _ Barack Obama and John Edwards are the Democratic presidential candidates who offer the best hope for leading the country out of Iraq, according to an unscientific straw vote of liberal activists.

Obama, an Illinois senator, got 28 percent of the 42,882 votes from's 3.2 million members in an online survey. He closely edged out Edwards, the 2004 vice presidential nominee, with 25 percent.

The vote was conducted after's virtual candidate forum Tuesday night in which seven of the eight Democratic candidates answered questions about Iraq and had their answers aired online and on Air America Radio.

The straw vote cannot be considered representative of all of's membership because participants weren't selected randomly.

Of those who listened to the responses at parties across the country, Edwards was the favorite with 25 percent of the vote, followed by New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson with 21 percent. Obama came in third at 19 percent.

Front-runner Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York did not fair well among the left wing of her party, with just 11 percent support overall.


WASHINGTON (AP) _ Former Republican Sen. Rick Santorum announced in an e-mail to supporters Thursday that his political action committee will soon launch a new Web site with "thought-provoking and sometimes controversial video."

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