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Strong Sentiments For New Stop Signs

By Tammi Marcoullier
Sunday, April 15, 2007

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New stop signs were installed at two locations on Windmill Drive in Ashburn early last week, and my blog item on that news generated lots of comments and debate. From time to time, this column will run selected comments from blog readers.

The new signs are at Colter Court and at Dovetail Place, creating four-way stops.

Some opponents said the signs could cause more problems, not only because some drivers might speed up after being forced to stop, but because there would be more pollution and noise from the stop-and-go at the signs. An option of speed humps (wider and lower than speed bumps) was denied, a homeowners association board member told me this year, because the board was told that fire and rescue crews cannot go over them quickly enough.

Here is what some of you had to say about the signs and about driving in our fair county:

"It's about time. I always want to throw things at the cars that fly down Windmill (although, in VA, that would be a felony, baby). Hopefully the MAN will be out enforcing the stop signs. Virginia traffic tickets are pretty pricey."-- Katie

"There is always a contingent in a neighborhood which wants cars to drive 1 mph. They always cite protecting children as their reason. Roads, particularly major thoroughfares like Ashburn Village Blvd, are designed as major transportation routes for automobiles. Keep your kids away from them, or teach them, as I was taught growing up outside of NYC, how to cross major roads safely. Don't ask the rest of us to crawl along because of your paranoia."-- Rick

"If VDOT is going to go sign and signal crazy (how many traffic signals are there now between Claiborne and Rt. 28 on Ashburn Farm Pkwy/Farmwell/Waxpool?) we might as well get some that actually benefit my neighborhood. Now if we can just get the sheriff's office to enforce stop sign violations. I know they are busy and I appreciate the work they do. Maybe we can get Tammi deputized."-- Dave

Pole Positions

Who woulda thunk it -- pole dancing is "exercise," and it is growing in popularity in Ashburn since Diva Fit opened in the fall.

"This is a workout, not stripper training," said owner Lisa Peklo. But when the dance studio opened, it was all the talk among nearby Gold's Gym members, with some of the men wishing there were observation bleachers and beverages for sale during class. Sorry, guys, even though classes are in an old ballet studio with one-way mirrors, it is ladies only.

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