A Wish, and How It Grew

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Since Yoko Ono launched her Washington "Wish Tree" project April 2, thousands of people have scribbled their hopes on slips of paper, in at least half a dozen languages, and attached them to the small white Japanese flowering dogwood in the Hirshhorn Museum's Sculpture Garden. Many are on the theme of peace and understanding, but there is quite a range. Here is a sampling.

-- John Pancake

"I wish people would listen"

"I wish that Andy would get a sibling this year"

"I wish I was retired"

"I wish my uncle and dad could get there green card"

"I wish my Dad would stop smoking"

"I wish I could be a Fashion Designer"

"I wish I could go to Hawaii for spring break"

"I wish I could become well known as an actress and play a character on The Wire . . ."

"I wish Yoko would clean up this tree"

"I wish I had a nintendo ds"

"I wish for a family that loves me"

"I wish I could turn invisible"

"For Mom to feel good"

"I wish for more light to shine over the world, Thanks Yoko"

"I wish that people around the world could join hands and start a love train"

"More guns in my house"

"I wish I had chocolate"

"I wish I owned a fairy"

"My wish would be to speak like an American"

"I wish for a Sony Vaio . . . and World Peace"

"I wish my daddy would come home and be a changed man"

"I wish people would stop saying i like Andre"

"I wish I had a half million dollars"

"I wish my roommates would do their dishes"

"I hope there is a successful coup in Sudan"

"I wish for my Cushings disease to be gone forever"

"I wish my life made sense"

"I wish my mother and her sister would make peace with each other"

"I wish I could fly"

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