By Jeanne Marie Laskas
Sunday, April 22, 2007

For the longest time, hair talk was our greeting, barely even a choice, a necessary exchange occurring at the beginning of each and every encounter:

"Oh, my God, I love your hair!"

"Did you get lowlights?"

"You sure you want that flip thing going on?"

"Those bangs make your eyes pop!"

"Does this hair make my face look fat?"

On and on we'd go, my sisters, my female colleagues, virtually every girlfriend in my extended circle. And now, I find myself sitting down with a latte and a friend, and, just as it has gone in our past few encounters, we are doing hair talk of a brand new sort:

"Is Alex going to keep the buzz?" Janice says.

"Oh, he's all about his buzz cut," I say. "What's Benny getting these days?"

"Benny's getting a No. 5 on top, and I think No. 3 on the sides."

"Alex just got a No. 4 all over!"

"Oh, my God!"

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