Star Trek at Warp Speed, Briefly

Friday, April 20, 2007

For Star Trek fans who have longed for the experience of commanding their own Starfleet vessel, your game has arrived. Star Trek: Legacy, from Bethesda Softworks, places you right on the bridge in the captain's chair, where warp speed is just a button away. So does Legacy boldly go where no video game has gone before? Well, kind of.

Legacy spans generations of "Star Trek" ships from the original show, "The Next Generation," "Deep Space Nine," "Voyager" and even "Enterprise." The meat of the game is intergalactic mayhem as you explore space and, as expected, encounter hostiles who would love nothing more than to destroy your ship.

Graphics and visual presentation are two of Legacy's strongest points. The ships are highly detailed, and their authentic look won't disappoint hard-core Trekkies. Weapons from phasers to photon torpedoes are at your disposal with the ability to lock on to enemy ships to ensure imminent destruction. The scenes of multi-ship battles are a sight to see, and the overall view of space, constant throughout the game, is at times a highlight by itself.

Gameplay is generally solid but occasionally sluggish. The pace depends on how far along you are. The controls are simple, and players are guided by helpful hints that pause the game and tell you what to do.

The game's dialogue is "Star Trek" specific and made to please fans.

Legacy should win them over with its authentic look and feel, but even the most dedicated follower of the show may want to be beamed elsewhere after a while.

-- David Betancourt

Star Trek: Legacy Everyone 10+; Xbox 360, PC ($40) Bethesda Softworks

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