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McCain Returns to the Scene of His 2000 Undoing

Gilmore Makes It Official

Former Virginia governor Jim Gilmore officially kicked off his presidential campaign with a Web cast from his campaign site while visiting the Iowa Republican Party.

"Ours is a conservative party that favors a strong national defense, limited government and traditional values," he said. "Now as our nation faces grave challenges abroad and renewed liberalism at home, we as a party seemed poised to abandon those principles."

The three leading contenders for the GOP nomination "may be good men but they simply do not share our conservative voices," he adds. "I will represent the Republican wing of the Republican Party."

Gilmore raised about $200,000 in the first three months of the year.

-- Zachary A. Goldfarb

Huckabee's Son Arrested in Airport

The son of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee was arrested after an X-ray at Little Rock National Airport revealed a semiautomatic pistol with eight live rounds of ammunition in his carry-on bag, Reuters reported.

David Huckabee, 26, who had a permit to carry a concealed weapon, was jailed briefly, fined $855, sentenced to a year's supervised probation and ordered to do 10 days of community service. The judge suspended a one-year jail sentence.

Authorities said such arrests are common in Arkansas.

"I love my son but what he did was irresponsible, but not intentional," the elder Huckabee said in a statement. "I make no excuses for him and would expect him to accept whatever penalties are given. It is the court's responsibility to properly consequence him for a foolish act but his family's responsibility to love him and temper our disappointment with our support."

-- Zachary A. Goldfarb

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