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Alec Baldwin, Still Angry at the Wrong Person

By Lisa de Moraes
Saturday, April 28, 2007

I'm going to get on a plane. . . . So you'd better be ready Friday the 20th to meet with me. So I'm going to let you know just how I feel about what a rude little pig you really are. You are a rude, thoughtless little pig, okay?

Alec Baldwin made his first stop on the Stations of the Apology yesterday, appearing on ABC's "The View" to make sure you know that in the little matter of the You Are a Rude Little Pig voice mail he left for his 11-year-old daughter, the real victim here is Alec Baldwin.

He's learned several things from the experience, the "30 Rock" star told "View" hosts Rosie O'Donnell and Babs Walters, who were seated at either side of him.

"One is that my deep, deep, deep and seemingly endless frustration about this situation . . . led me to end up saying something to someone that I really meant to say to someone else."

"There's nothing wrong with being angry," Baldwin continued. "It's the way you do it. . . . I took it out on the wrong person because I'm unable under the current dynamic to address the other person."

Translation: I'm a victim of the "current dynamic."

Baldwin found himself in hot water when the phone message he'd left two weeks ago for daughter Ireland wound up on the Web site TMZ. He has accused his ex-wife and Ireland's mother, Kim Basinger, of leaking the voice mail.

"Another thing that I learned . . . how many people out there that communicate with you through the Internet . . . feel themselves to be abused by a parent," Baldwin told Rosie and Babs.

"In my own case, I had never done that before in my life. I had yelled at my daughter to say, 'Watch out, you might get hit by a car on Central Park West!' or "Get out of the riptide of the ocean!' But I had never done this before in my life."

Translation: I am being unfairly tarred and feathered by people who are merely projecting their hatred of their own parents.

Baldwin's ex, btw, has alleged there have been several other "rage" episodes involving his daughter; he has denied that.

You have insulted me. You don't have the brains or the decency as a human being. I don't give a damn that you're 12 years old, or 11 years old, or that you're a child, or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the [expletive] who doesn't care about what you do as far as I'm concerned. You have humiliated me for the last time with this phone.

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