Saturday, May 26, 2007

Setting ground rules is a critical part of managing a remodeling project. David Lupberger, author of "Managing the Emotional Homeowner," suggests some issues homeowners should discuss with their builders before a project begins:

  • What rules apply to children around the building site during working hours?

  • Where should pets be kept during construction?

  • What kind of cleanup will take place at the end of each day?

  • What restrictions, if any, are there on the contractors' use of bathrooms?

  • Is there a designated eating or smoking area for the contractors?

  • Are there any parking restrictions?

  • At what times will daily work begin and end?

  • Can work be scheduled on weekends?

  • Where will workers store their tools and building materials?

  • Whom should the homeowner or builder contact with comments or in emergencies?

  • Do spaces need to be cleared of furniture? Who should clear those areas, and where should the furniture be stored?

  • For outside projects, does any landscaping need to be moved or protected?

  • Is there any way to reduce the impact of construction?

  • Where will the dumpsters or portable bathrooms be?

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