Steve Carell, left, and Anne Hathaway are in D.C. to film
Steve Carell, left, and Anne Hathaway are in D.C. to film "Get Smart." (Business Wire)
Saturday, May 26, 2007

'Virgin' Territory

Steve Carell can't seem to shake Washington.

The "40-Year-Old Virgin" star was back in the city yesterday to shoot scenes for his upcoming comedy "Get Smart." Carell spent quality time here last April filming scenes for "Bruce Almighty" sequel "Evan Almighty" around the Mall.

Carell and co-star Anne Hathaway, of "The Devil Wears Prada" fame, were in town for just one day to do scenes in front of the Natural History Museum, the Herbert H. Humphrey Building and various places around Capitol Hill.

In the flick, based on the popular 1960s TV series, Carell plays Maxwell Smart, a good-guy agent trying to foil an evil crime syndicate's plot for world domination. Fellow agent Hathaway is his sidekick.

We're told actors (and a bunch of extras) spent plenty of time running around outside with fake guns.

Escorted to Lunch

Looks like Deborah Jeane Palfrey is trying to strike while the iron's hot.

Palfrey, a.k.a. the D.C. Madam, was spotted power-lunching with local author Dan Moldea at McCormick & Schmick's on K Street yesterday. Moldea, an "independent crime reporter since October 1974," according to his Web site, tends to stick with subjects like organized crime and American politics in his books. Hmm . . .

Our source says Palfrey looked "very together" in a conservative white top with a black cardigan while she dined on crab cakes and sipped a Diet Coke.

Spotted . . .

· Stevie Wonder, having a very late-night meal at Cafe Milano Thursday night after his harmonica-heavy dinner at the Georgetown restaurant the night before. The legendary singer holed up in a private room with family and friends where he ate chicken and veggies. No musical instruments made an appearance this time.

· Hillary Clinton, briefly joining a gaggle of women at Cafe Milano Wednesday night. The presidential hopeful arrived late (sans Bill) and managed to gulp down a buffalo mozzarella appetizer and sea bass entree before leaving a half-hour later. Busy, busy!

Noted . . .

· Chuck Schumer is feeling better after a health scare earlier this month, his spokesman says. The New York senator spotted a tick on his leg after a May 7 news conference in his home state and went to a doctor to have the pest removed, the Westchester Journal News reports. Schumer rep Andrew Koneschusky told us yesterday that his boss noticed a red bull's-eye rash -- a symptom of Lyme disease -- had developed around the bite. The senator's doctor prescribed antibiotics, which he's still taking, but Schumer hasn't had any more complications.

· Christopher Buckley was in fine form at Thursday night's Competitive Enterprise Institute annual dinner, the Reliable Source's Amy Argetsinger reports. The political satirist and author of "Thank You for Smoking" threw out zingers like "Don't you miss the Cold War? That was so much more fun than this one," "In France elections take 36 days. Not a perfect system -- you still end up with a French president" and "It would be refreshing for once to hear a candidate say, 'You know, I've lived in Washington all my life. I know how it works. I know how to cut deals. I know where the bodies are buried. You don't need to send me to Washington -- I'm already here! Some of my best friends are lawyers!' " Ba-da-bing!

-- Korin Miller

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