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Harry Benson's Photos: The Real Thing

In his reference to Mr. Benson's wonderful Beatles pillow-fight photo from 1964, Mr. Garreau failed to report that the Beatles had just found out that their record had gone to No. 1 in the United States and that they were going to visit America for the first time.

The Beatles' exuberance was not fake or set up. That Mr. Benson may have encouraged the Beatles to celebrate their success in no way compromises that classic photograph.

I have shown Mr. Benson's work at the Govinda Gallery in Georgetown, which I direct. Mr. Benson is a talented artist, both a photojournalist and a portrait photographer. Looking at his photograph of a depressed John Lennon after he was vilified for comparing the absurdity of the Beatles' popularity to that of Jesus or the photo of screaming fans on the Beatles' first tour demonstrates Mr. Benson's power as a photojournalist.



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