Giuliani Offers Up 12 Steps to a Better Future

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Former New York mayor and presidential hopeful Rudolph W. Giuliani has begun a 12-step program.

Giuliani stood before a group of 150 people Tuesday at the Old Bedford Town Hall in New Hampshire and said he would make good on 12 promises if he wins his bid for the White House.

His 12 "commitments" include promises to end illegal immigration, decrease abortions, cut taxes, prepare for terrorist attacks and increase access to health care. Giuliani said he will offer details this summer.

"We've tried to look forward to the future -- what are going to be the things that lead us into the future in a confident, effective and optimistic way," he told the crowd Tuesday morning. "It's a group of promises that this campaign is going to be about."

Two of the commitments involve security: Giuliani promises to "keep America on offense" in the war on terror and separately vows to "ensure that every community in America is prepared" for the possibility of an attack or a natural disaster.

He also promises access to a quality education, a legal system with "strict constructionist" judges, fiscal discipline and careful spending.

Aides said Giuliani will provide more detail about the promises in future policy speeches. In his speech, Giuliani said he might even add a few promises as time goes along.

"We're going to lay out a mission of reform and change. . . . We're going to lay out a mission of doing what other people think is impossible," Giuliani said.

-- Michael D. Shear

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