Trump's Tramps: Chicks in the Fox House

By Lisa de Moraes
Thursday, June 14, 2007

Down through the ages, artists have reinterpreted Greek mythology's Pygmalion story, about a sculptor who falls in love with his statue of a woman, which comes to life and they all live happily ever after:

A.D. 2-8: Poet Ovid uses it in "Metamorphoses."

1748: Jean-Philippe Rameau tosses off Pygmalion opera.

1770: Jean-Jacque Rousseau weighs in with Pygmalion melodrama.

1816: Gaetano Donizetti pens opera "Il Pigmalione."

1912: George Bernard Shaw writes play "Pygmalion," in which sculptor is phonetics prof and statue is Cockney girl transformed into lady (adapted into "My Fair Lady" in the '50s).

2007: Donald Trump develops "Lady or a Tramp" for Fox.

Fox, Trump and RDF USA ("Wife Swap," "Ice-T's Rap School") have rolled up their sleeves to develop the reality series in which party girls gone wild -- a.k.a. "tramps" -- are transformed into ladies, or at least debutantes, which is the next best thing.

Fox has fast-tracked "Tramp" to air this coming TV season, if all goes well, RDF USA CEO Chris Coelen told The TV Column.

Like the "My Fair Lady" flick, "Tramp" is an adaptation of a British masterpiece. In this case, the popular reality series "Ladette to Lady" (produced by the U.K. parent of RDF USA), in which a bunch of hard-partying chicks are sent to charm school -- yes, they still have such things -- where they learn the finer points of tea pouring, pearl wearing, flower arranging and needleworking. One girl gets booted each week until just one remains and wins a flashy sports car -- which seems counterproductive.

But Coelen assures us they have not yet worked out those kinds of details for our version.

He says they approached The Donald about participating and, hopefully, providing on-air pointers for the girls for the same reason that when they were developing a reality series in which six obese school kids from Florida are challenged to lose weight and get fit, they asked NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal to star.

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