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Prosecutor in Duke Case Says He Intends to Resign

Then as the case collapsed, he maintained an aloof silence that mystified even the shrinking ranks of his defenders. After the attorney general cleared the players, Nifong issued an apology, but only in a written statement.

The tearful address at a hearing ended the emotional distance.

"Throughout my time," he began, his voice rising weakly over the last word, then added, "this is going to be difficult."

"I will go to my grave being associated with this case," he offered and then his voice rising again. "And that's okay. I don't have a problem with that. I took the responsibility on myself."

Not everyone found it sincere.

Joseph Cheshire V, who represents David Evans of Bethesda, called the apology "a cynical ploy to save his law license" and added: "It came too late."

Whoriskey reported from Miami.

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