Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A weekly playlist for the listener with a one-track mind.

Sean Kingston: "Beautiful Girls"

Snow cones. Funnel cake. Deep-fried Oreos. None of them comes close to approximating the sugar high you'll get from this addictive new piece of pop candy. Like Akon robotically crooning "Stand by Me," this Jamaican-born 17-year-old's latest promises to be the most syrupy summer jam of 2007.

Che'Nelle featuring Cham: "I Fell in Love With the DJ"

Sweet tooth still not satisfied? Here's another high-fructose goody from an Australian reggae chanteuse who falls for the mysterious man in the DJ booth. The tale takes a macabre twist when her jealous boyfriend shows up in the third verse toting a knife. Ah, summer love.

Against Me!: "White People for Peace"

Raging against the war machine with more fervor than ever, these Florida punks serve up some protest music about the inadequacies of protest music. "The people sang protest songs to try and stop the soldier's gun," wails singer Tom Gabel, ". . . but the battle raged on."

Chrisette Michele: "Good Girl"

"I don't need no sugar daddy," the self-proclaimed good girl sneers. "I can be a sugar mommy." Michele looks like a teenage Angie Stone, but the 24-year-old rasps like an A-list version of C-list divas Blu Cantrell and Sunshine Anderson.

Peel: "Oxford"

The delightfully sloppy hooks, the innocent melodies, the Pavementesque slacker ethos -- everything about this Austin four-piece's "Oxford" screams the '90s. Or rather, shrugs-its-shoulders the '90s.

-- Chris Richards

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