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Sunday, June 24, 2007

7:30 P.M., Ten Penh, Downtown

Ryan: I was sitting at our table when Kristee walked up. I didn't see her [initially] and was a little caught off-guard; I stood up and awkwardly introduced myself. She had blond hair and light eyes, which I like. But I usually date girls who are more athletic-looking. And she was almost as tall as me. I've never dated anyone [that] tall.

Kristee: I was nervous. I'm pretty shy, so I don't date much. And I've had some bad setups -- my mom even tried to set me up at a wake. When the hostess showed me to our table, I was relieved: Ryan's not the type I'm usually attracted to, but he was good-looking.

Ryan: We pretty quickly found out we both went to Princeton and started playing the name game. [It turns out] we hung out in different crowds. The only person we knew really well in common was one of my good friends; she tutored him.

Kristee: We should have known each other. He was only a year behind me, and we lived in the same dorm for the first two years. We both did a sport there. We were both in eating clubs. He was in the more "Animal House" one, which surprised me. He didn't seem like the type. He seemed more couth and intellectual.

Ryan: She said she was quiet and shy. I can respect that. I'm kind of the same way. But as a soft-spoken guy, I tend to date girls who are more outgoing and playful, so they can bring me out. She seemed a little reserved. Still, I wanted to get her out of her shell, and I think I did. I joked about Princeton and the eating clubs and the funny things that sometimes happen. She was laughing a little bit.

Kristee: The conversation went really smoothly, but I don't think there was chemistry. I like guys with a little bit of quirkiness. On one date, the guy printed up how the different Christmas lights [in town] were ranked, and we drove around looking at them. The impression I got is that Ryan likes to do more normal things, [like go out to bars with friends]. He's not quirky. And I don't like bars that much.

Ryan: On paper, we had a lot in common. She teaches at a Catholic school; I love working with kids and looked into going into teaching. But we didn't have that nervous tension that you get when you're really interested in someone. Initially, that attraction is about being a cute girl, and she wasn't exactly my type. Then it's personality, and she was a little serious for me. We left the restaurant at about 10:45. I walked her to the Metro and said goodbye. It was very, very casual. I didn't ask for her number. I'd give the date a 3.5 out of 5.

Kristee: We both knew it was a platonic evening, but I'd give the date a 4. I've had a lot of bad setups and been out of practice. He put me at ease and made me feel more willing to get back into [the dating scene]. He seems like someone who would treat a girlfriend well. He's going to make some girl out there very happy.

Interviews by Kelly DiNardo

UPDATE: "He'll know that I enjoyed the date when he reads the column," says Kristee.

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