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Home Sales

GLADYS RETREAT CIR.,12734, No. 68-K. Hovnanian Homes at Fairwood to Pamela Ball, $444,653.

HATTIES PROGRESS DR.,4519-Mid-Atlantic Builders of Fairwood to Elena Daniel and Panyin A. Hughes, $727,311.

HATTIES PROGRESS DR.,4532-Mid-Atlantic Builders of Fairwood to Natalie A. Solomon, $737,276.

KEYNOTE LANE,12504-M. Jamie and William R. Morrow III to Tammie A. Hart, $355,000.

KILBOURNE LANE,12600-Christopher and Ellen C. Bruenjes to Kevin R. Fine, $348,000.

KITTERY LANE,2515-Emily J. and Christopher A. Morgan to Louise Buchenhorst, $315,000.

MELLING LANE,12316-Lydia E. and Nelson A. Alvarado to Ann S. and Anthony M. Dilulio, $334,400.

MEMORY LANE,12600-Charles Jr. and Johanna Zinser to Barbara and Earl Anderson, $399,900.

MILLSTREAM DR.,12509-William W. III and Barbara W. Loftin trust to Rona R. and Junior T. McKnight, $398,000.

MINETTA LANE,13011-Brian P. and Anette K. Regan to Lemar Cowan and Melinda Henson, $280,000.

OLD BARN RD.,7904-James M. and Letitia H. MacPherson to Olga E. and Santos M. Martinez, $530,000.

OLD FLETCHERTOWN RD.,13220-Carol A. and William R. Prier Jr. to Shane A. Umstead, $432,000.

ORCHARD PARK WAY,7902-Robert D. and Anita D. Jackson to Mohammed Armoush and Hyam Al Kahhal, $560,000.

OVERBROOK LANE,13435-Vernon A. III and Jenn Montgomery to Katrina and Keith Dailey, $369,000.

PRINCETONS DELIGHT DR.,5200, No. 41A-Goodier Builders at the Delight to Avionne A. Hill, $437,700.

QUADRILLE LANE,12202-Ursula Sherrod Rotan to Konjit M. Nega and Tadesse Lemma, $499,000.

ROCKINGHAM LANE,4916-Henrietta A. and James W. Reed to Janice L. Johnson, $325,000.

SUPERIOR . LANDING,11109-Wendy and Robert E. Jackson to Shirley C. Young, $585,000.

TWISTING LANE,3002-Norma and George L. Burlbaugh Jr. to Deborah Boardman, $345,000.

TYSON LANE,3022-Lynne Machado to Terri Thomas, $349,000.

ULYSSES CT.,13500-Nelson O. Ruiz Portillo to Gustavo A. Echevarria, $507,400.

SIXTH ST.,13115-Jack G. and Linda J. Bannister to Atinuke M. and Sidikat D. Olubode, $379,950.

SEVENTH ST.,12910-Toni Boyd to Octavia and Edward Bangura, $424,900.

Bowie-Mitchellville Area

ARIEL CT.,16509-Geraldine and Lawrence C. Johnson to Mac A. James Jr., $500,000.

EDMOND WAY,3721-Henrietta Okoro to Omorogiuwa Obamogie, $359,000.

EMPRESS WAY,15407-Lia Beauvais to Anston C. and Lan B. Williams, $329,900.

ENDERS LANE,3706-Rabian M. Ahmed and Hassan M. Ahmad to Kaniece N. Adams and James Ferrell, $330,000.

PEACH WALKER DR.,15557-Linda S. and Johnson P. Gibson to Antoine Nixon, $415,000.

Brandywine Area

BALD EAGLE SCHOOL RD.,15916-Barbara S. and Kenneth E. Bond to Quinndel Dunn, $350,000.

CRESTWOOD AVE. S.,11913-William K. Brown Jr. to Lorna D. and Calvin M. Harris, $345,000.

DUCKETT RD.,14506-John A. Montgomery to Philip A. and Stephanie M. Eckard, $250,000.

FLORAL PARK RD.,3500-Margie A. and Rae Darby to Kenya and Michael C. Hillman, $340,000.

GWYNN PARK CT.,13405-Kevin J. and Traci N. Green to Lamar E. and Eleanor P. Hough, $600,000.

MCKENDREE RD.,16109-Timberlake McKendree Corp. to Ann Marie and Garvey S. Hibbert, $788,273.

OLD INDIAN HEAD RD.,13507-Eldridge E. Johnson to Karl Z. King and Shelley L. Venincasa, $210,000.

POPPY HILL CT.,13223-Natitia R. and Mark L. Malloy to Sherry L. Smith and Sheryl A. Joefield, $554,900.

SHELBY LANE E.,12816-Jason A. and Nicole Davis to Raynetta L. and Tracey K. Clay, $305,000.

Brentwood Area

NEWARK RD.,4303-Margueri and Christian W. Vaught to Eric T. Pakulla, $179,000.

40TH PL.,3308-Nenita D. Balsomo to Sebastiana N.P. and Oscar A. Salgado, $300,000.

41ST AVE.,4502-Leon M. Segears to Daniel S. Rodriguez, $279,900.

42ND AVE.,3712-Kay E. McIver to Ricardo A. and Juan P. Esobar, $319,900.

Capitol Heights Area

ALABASTER CT.,800-Pamela McKenzie to Ibilola Akinbaleye, $310,000.

AQUAMARINE CT.,6948-Talib Abdus Shahid to Thurman W. Jackson Jr., $305,000.

BALSAMTREE DR.,1005-Hilton Lynch to Rodney T. Pannell and Anita Williams, $269,989.

BOOKER DR.,720-B. Felecia Winstead to Lisa A. Hubbard, $245,000.

BYERS ST.,4308-Anthony McBee and Ansonia Fletcher to Luis Torres and Maria M. Recinos, $330,000.

CARMODY HILLS DR.,416-Duane McKinney to Leonard Waldon and Kim Galbreath, $125,000.

DAIMLER DR.,166-Cheryl D. Turner to Trademark Group Corp., $175,000.

ELFIN AVE.,1000-Brenda S. Thornton to Tenaya C. Ware, $182,000.

FAIRFORD WAY,1022-Ardrina D. Stokes to Christa D. and Steven E. Nix, $220,000.

HYBRID AVE.,1125-Larraine and Jerome A. Jones to Crystal McCalop, $305,000.

KAREN BLVD.,907-Thomas Johnson Jr. to Jose M. and Jose J. Morales, $325,000.

LEROY GORHAM DR.,4717-Jerry G. Grant to Rene A. Gunera, $258,000.

PACIFIC AVE.,1613-Basilio Rondal to Shenell L. and Hazel Moorer, $285,000.

PARD RD.,4701-Terrell Peterson to Derrick C. Walton and Evonne Jackson, $240,000.

QUEENSDALE CT.,812-Treshawn Helm to Nicole and James B. Cloyd III, $273,000.

SEAT PLEASANT DR.,6607-Nasario Ventura to Lavan T. Bennette, $189,000.

SHADY GLEN TERR.,7410-Pamela M. and Sean R. Owens to Bridgett Williams, $270,000.

TORQUE ST.,4400-W and L Enterprises Corp. to Rosa Miranda, $290,000.

UPCOT CT.,1331-Sandra A. Foster to Maria Harrison, $260,000.

63RD PL.,602-Damishia R. Foster to David Godbolt and Donya S. Greene, $294,900.

Cheltenham Area

NAST DR.,10702-William L. Jones II to Cheryl Turner, $385,000.

SARAH LANDING DR.,10301-Candida L. Jones to Sergio A. Penado, $469,000.

SARAH LANDING DR.,10303-Richard M. Swayze to Felix Johnfinn, $460,000.

Cheverly-Landover Area

ALLENDALE DR.,7916-Lewis A. Jones to Caro Fonji, $218,000.

BARLOWE RD.,7609-Cynita V. Knight to Michael Barrington, $234,000.

CENTRAL HILLS LANE,805-Mark Willis to Kwame Knights, $287,000.

CHEVERLY AVE.,3100-Dawn P. Archibald to John Gray, $260,000.

CONGRESS PL.,9019-Tanya Simpson to Julius McKenzie, $230,000.

ENGLISH CHESTNUT CT.,837-Keisha D. Ford to James T. Little Jr., $265,000.

GOODLAND DR.,7410, No. 4-Bristol Towne at Landover Corp. to Kelly S. Crayton, $168,000.

GREELEY PL.,2401-Ignatius and Patrick Ogu to Olayinka Agunbiade, $265,000.

GREYMONT ST.,7746-Belinda and Karita Lockwood to Keith R. Broadnax and Alisa D. Fisher, $190,000.

HAWTHORNE TERR.,2726-Isidro Hernandez to Jose S. Ramos and Martha I. Gonzalez, $305,000.

INWOOD ST.,6402-Jose D. Villeda to Mark E. Mervine, $430,000.

KILMER ST. E.,7217-Anita L. Crudup to Michael and Amanda G. Knoch, $259,900.

MERRICK LANE,7737-Avis F. Ray to Joseph Powers and William C. Slade, $225,000.

PACER CT.,7703-Express Homebuyers D.C. Corp. to Luz R. Acevedo, $348,000.

PALDAO TERR.,725-Aloysius I. Akpuaka to Tennille Hill, $250,000.

PENBROOK PL.,7731-Frederick R. Thomas Jr. to Joanne Gould, $210,000.

RAY LEONARD RD.,1816-Nathan Carter to Andrew Lee, $244,000.

SWAN TERR.,7727-Twanna T. Terrell to Luis A. Janampa and Denisse Mendoza, $255,000.

82ND AVE.,3118-Sharon T. McConnell to Isatu M. and Charles R. Bendu II, $351,000.

82ND AVE.,3123-Richard and Ruth Miner to Ana E. Ventura and Edwin Quijada, $309,000.

Clinton Area

BARBARA CT.,7905-William A. Simmons to Kirk Chatman, $288,000.

CLINTON VISTA LANE,7510-Michael A. Dyke to Matthews Landing Corp., $310,000.

COLLINS ST.,3204-Paris M. and Lamont G. Morgan to Jamal Chappelle, $550,000.

COLORADO ST.,11104-Timberlake Clinton Corp. to Cory George and Sheldon Gordon, $305,000.

COSCA PARK PL.,11556-Ricky C. Beynum to Donnica Sims and Julius Scates, $300,000.

ELDON DR.,9013-Sierra Construction Partners Corp. to Thomas G. and Ruth B. Taylor, $735,347.

FIREBRUSH CT.,7104-Trina L. Clayton to Latanya A. Jackson, $352,000.

FISHING CREEK WAY,7722-Torrey T. and Michelle P. Sharrow to Helen and Craig Townsend, $326,000.

GOBLET WAY,7101-Andrew Gulley to Regina W. Offer and Dazelene Forte, $345,000.

GREDINGER DR.,6312-Barrett D. and Patricia Jacobs to Daniel Mayfield, $349,000.

GREEN ST.,7905-Linda A. Silanskas to Floretta Davis, $329,000.

HARDESTY DR.,9102-Kenneth G. Rowe to Vonya C. Matthews, $335,000.

LIBATION CT.,10407-Wyvonna D. and Roland C. White to Michele T. Carter, $417,000.

MARQUIS LANE,8907-Clinton Vista General Partnership to Jerome and Ronie Pittman, $325,000.

PISCATAWAY RD.,9252-Pamela D. Marshall to Diana Barros, $250,000.

PLATA ST.,5900-Pamela McKenzie to Rosa Pitts, $350,000.

PURPLE LILAC LANE,6716-Mid-Atlantic Builders of Timber Ridge to Lynda V. McNeill, $651,196.

SHERRY LANE,9202-Carlos A. Avalos to Michael Moody, $350,000.

SPICEBUSH CT.,8606-Nathaniel Powell Jr. to Patricia L. Brown, $485,000.

SWEET SHRUB CT.,6706-Timberlake Clinton Corp. to Wallace B. Goff, $724,341.

SYMPOSIUM WAY,6401-Adriane and Edwin Wiles to Sherri Hagans and Monique L. Broadnax Goodwin, $445,000.

TEMPLE HILL RD.,8106-Horace B. and Judy D. Jones to Angela and Damon Copeland, $370,000.

TIPPETT RD.,11500-Eulis W. and Dorsie B. Kelly to Sandra K. and Robert R. Miley, $399,000.

TOWNSEND LANE,9102-Robert L. Johnson to Tiffany C. and Lloyd A. Burns, $420,000.

WINDBROOK DR.,12411-Niquita R. Robinson to Monisha S. and Brian M. Carter, $340,000.

College Park Area

EDMONSTON RD.,8800-Cole Family Trust to Eugene Vajger and Ricardo A. Cardenas, $365,000.

FORDHAM RD.,4713-Christine A. and Daniel M. Chalk to Emily K. Mayer and Stephen J. Izon, $399,000.

MANGUM RD.,4722-Heather M.L. Edquist to Alex M. Pazreyes, $400,000.

PONTIAC ST.,5801-Thomas J. Engram trust to Antonine and Robert D. Dorsey, $360,000.

SEMINOLE ST.,6112-Linda B. and Michael J. Kennedy to Jeannie S. Baclao Ritson, $344,900.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR.,5914-Dirgni E. Carolina to Mira C. and Mark J. Tuliao, $285,000.

WESTCHESTER PARK DR.,5964-Alice S. Sandosharaj to Lena J. and Luis and Maricela Moreno, $189,000.

35TH AVE,8606-Juan J. Rivera to Marcela F. Aguilar, $417,000.

36TH AVE.,8715-Ronald N. Crowe to Teresa and Frank Keeler, $6,000.

District Heights Area

APOTHECARY ST.,3601-Everardo E.E. Hernandez to Shawon Parker, $281,500.

DAVENTRY TERR.,5251-Sharon D. Dabbs to Robert A. Hunter, $285,000.

DONNELL PL.,7308, No. B-2-Daniel F. Craney to Joi D. and William J. Washington II, $173,800.

DONNELL PL.,7314, No. B-8-Amilcar G. Mendez to Larry L. Hampton, $145,000.

FOREST RUN DR.,2801, No. 1-201-Monica H. and Bradley M. Parkzes to Duane Akuffo, $245,000.

HIL-MAR CIR. S.,5701-Octavia Bang and Dennis Stafford to Temitope Akinuwa, $275,000.

HIL-MAR DR.,5935-Kelly Manion to Glen Sylvester, $250,000.

HIL-MAR DR.,6300, No. 5-11-108 Burgundy Park Corp. to Robert E. Brathwaite Jr., $194,000.

HIL-MAR DR.,6308, No. 8-7-108 Burgundy Park Corp. to Tiffany R. Sample, $192,000.

KIPLING PKWY.,7600-Clarita T. and Michael E. Burley to Omer C. Koksal, $325,000.

LEONA ST.,7312-Charlene and Walter Hogue Jr. to Francisco Nunez, $250,000.

MAPLE ROCK WAY,6203-Barbara E. and Charles R. Moten Jr. to Kimberly C. Coleman, $299,999.

PRESBURY PL.,8202-James E. Holley to Amelia S.B. and Rossonio M. Lawrence, $380,000.

RAMBLEWOOD DR.,2207-Lesa A. Ferguson Dean to Karen A. Willis, $265,000.

REGENCY PKWY.,3513-Diane Pope to Mary L. and John D. Edmonds, $210,000.

RICHVILLE DR.,8402-Patricia E. and Melvin M. Sledd Sr. to Raynard Strawbridge and Jakayel Strawbridge, $315,000.

RITCHIE RD.,1998-FYI Enterprises Corp. to Moshood Olayinka, $625,000.

SHADY GLEN DR.,1625-Daphne and Clement A. Martin Jr. to Anita L. Crudup, $415,000.

SPANISH MOSS WAY,3412-Sanyi N. McLeod to Chad B. Cunningham, $300,000.

WALKUS CT.,1700-Rahman S. Hilton to Carlas Groom, $385,000.

Fort Washington Area

BAYTOMAC FARMS LANE,13708-Velma L. and Anthony W. Burkley to Aldo R.R. Zegarra, $435,000.

BLANFORD DR.,7509-Frankie A. and Carl R. Lewis to Juan O. Coreas, $330,000.

CHARRED OAK DR.,3804-Maria S. Huez and Santos Canales to Lashawnte and Larry Clay II, $390,000.

CLARION RD.,13035-Harvey L. and Gloria A. Long to Dianne R. Griggs, $369,000.

FORT PL.,305-Cato L. Watson Jr. to Kenethia Lee Murray, $375,000.

GALLOP WAY,3114-Keith D. and Stephanie R. Watson to Nancy and William Tefft, $390,000.

HALLMARK CT.,10000-SIRVA Relocation Credit Corp. to Christine M. and George C. Davis, $585,000.

HICKORY ST.,5-Paul Van Remortel to Carlos and Rosa Chavez, $585,900.

INVERNESS LANE,205-Hiawatha H. Barber to Charlie Johnson and Wanda L. Alexander, $611,000.

KINGSWAY RD.,2908-Nathan Carter to Wesley Bryant, $315,000.

LANHAM LANE,7400-Katherine Mierke to Jose L. Ulloa, $315,000.

LUMAR DR.,2903-Henry M. and Earnestine M. Adams to Patrice Parker and Carlton M. Collins, $329,900.

LUMAR DR.,3809-Patricia and Joseph R. Harley Jr. to Ross Eichberg, $352,000.

MACDUFF DR.,12623-Barbara and Robert K. Brooke Jr. to Tangela Anderson, $392,000.

MARY PL.,2418-Charles A. and Armetta K. Johnson to Rhonda K.J. and Charles E. Hall II, $344,020.

MORELAND ST.,10005-Kathryn and Stanley J. Sarnowski to Landon H. Lewis III, $382,900.

NEWLIGHT CT.,6806-Charles R. Toliver Jr. to Gordon B. Bannister, $300,000.

OAKLAWN RD.,3715-Alejandra M. and Maria E. Castro to Maria and Henry Balagtas, $350,000.

OLD FORT HILLS DR.,2218-Thelma R. and Garmon West Jr. to Berneather Atkins, $340,000.

POTOMAC HEIGHTS DR.,1340-Lisa R. and Estelle Hunter to Shalonda King and Manuel Lee, $245,000.

POTOMAC VALLEY DR.,518-Hugo D. Gonza and Cesar M. Jimenez to Francisca Jimenez, $418,000.

POTOMAC VALLEY DR.,602-Sandra H. Wilcox to Linda and Kevin Clinkenbeard, $206,000.

ST. IGNATIUS DR.,6100-Brian A. Pearson to David B. and David L. Plater, $233,000.

SPRING VALLEY CT.,1084-Joanna M. Johnson to Valerie and Candace Green, $265,000.

VAN BUREN DR.,1202-Carl J. and Frances R. Sands to Michael Michelizzi, $275,000.

Glenn Dale Area

GLEN AVE.,5522-Ganifo Kourouma to Kingsley U. Uzomah, $425,000.

GLEN PINE ST.,7112-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland to Erasmus and Florence Ikedilo, $805,237.

WINGATE DR.,8003-Ricky N. Sr. and Lynn P. Winston to Gabriela C. and Mario A. Hernandez, $650,000.

WOOD POINTE DR.,6201-John C. Jr. and Geraldine Patrick to Michelle E. and Albert D. Denton, $599,999.

Greenbelt Area

EMPIRE PL.,18-Joseph Liska to Sharon Rivas, $450,000.

GREENBELT RD.,8469-Adekunle L. Ajayi to Joseph Omotunde, $210,000.

GREENBELT RD.,8471-Express Homebuyers D.C. Corp. to Arnold Faucette, $164,900.

GREENBELT RD.,8483-Michael G. Peters to Sandra R. Harrell, $199,900.

HANOVER PKWY.,7720-Rouzbeh Jangali to Terri L. Ware, $234,000.

HANOVER PKWY.,7808-John H. Cawthorne to Michael B.K. Senyoh, $244,900.

LAKECREST DR.,8014-Than T. Aye and Ba Thike to Moises and Eva C. Escano, $244,000.

MANDAN RD.,7762-Theodore E. Blake II to Michael J. Honsaker and Tatsiana Tarasava, $321,000.

SOMERSET CT.,7848-Taneka and Doris Caffee to Genia A. Wright and Kyron B. Baptiste, $300,000.

Hyattsville Area

CRITTENDEN ST.,4101-Leora R. Breece to Susan B. and Christopher R. Currie, $230,000.

EDMONSTON RD.,5027-Henry J. Palacios to Jose S. Rivas, $285,000.

GALLATIN ST.,5913-Elsa N. Viera to Edith Sosa, $320,000.

OGLETHORPE ST.,4410, No. 707-Sousan and Fereydoun Salimi to Heather M. Lauffer and Andrew J. Adelsberger, $138,000.

52ND AVE.,4819-Jan B. and Sandra G. Newman to Milagro D. and Ramon Garcia, $315,000.

Langley Park Area

MERRIMAC DR.,1100-Santos Vargas to Maria R. Palma, $308,000.

12TH AVE.,8332-Irene A. and Jaime F. Ferreira to Saul P. Rubi, $315,000.

Lanham-Glenarden Area

ALCONA ST.,9109-Sarah E. Randall to Sarah L. Proctor, $326,400.

BROOM LANE,10306-Hsueh Y. Chen to Judith F. and Clarissa N. Dunwell, $317,000.

BROOM LANE,10334-Howard Pedlar to Emmanuel M. and Oyaimamen M. Imonide, $335,000.

ELVIS LANE,9538-Olumuyiwa S. Madojutimi to Tolefac A. Tabang, $399,900.

GLENARDEN PKWY.,7709-Happy Home Solutions Corp. to Wilson Lemus, $340,000.

GREENBELT RD.,10203-Karen L. and John V. Hubbard to Glenn Dale Square Corp., $700,000.

GREGORY DR.,5622-Willie M. Faulkner to Desmond A. McAlmount and Michelle A. Bacchus, $339,900.

JENNA CT.,8804-Heather and Dionne Smith to Yajaira Gaitan and Omar Viera Umana, $360,000.

KEPNER CT.,7009-Celine M. and Michel Lajoie to Veronica R. Martinez and Alma Santamaria, $330,000.

KIDMORE LANE,7214-Pedro Tejada and Pedro A. Garcia to Sheila Hara, $295,000.

KIMBARK AVE.,9213-Melita A. Scott to Rosaura Aroche, $365,000.

MORLEY RD.,9213-Asteraye Haddis to Gilma Argueta, $375,000.

PARK ST.,9940-Hazel C. and Bernard L. Campbell to Abeba B. Medhin and Abraham Mengisteab, $350,000.

SEASONS WAY,8611-Monisha J. Dandridge to Robert L. and Margaret N. Bailey, $261,000.

WORRELL AVE.,9341-Vivian Charity to Charles O. Tolson, $335,000.

WREN LANE,7001-Pamela M. Spivey to Rashod C. Holmes, $415,000.

SIXTH ST.,9200-Magdaleno Reyes and Jose D.C. Rubio to Hector O. and Byron R.O. Miranda, $380,000.

91ST PL.,8912-Ola O. and Larry D. Barksdale to Alejandrina D. Rojas, $400,000.

Largo- Claggett Landing Area

ABBOTSWOOD CT.,11447, No. 48-1-Ilene T. Wilson to Joseph T. Stevenson, $228,000.

ANSONIA CT.,14302-Renaissance at Oak Creek Club to Marsha A. Robinson, $842,339.

BLUE WING TERR.,1207-Andrea Upperman to Sherry R. Townsend, $425,000.

CAMPUS WAY S.,10185-Melissa M. Ricks to Augustina Dike, $216,000.

CAMPUS WAY S.,10717-Sarah M. and Erica M. Williams to Frances and Darnell Davis, $331,500.

CAMPUS WAY S.,9989-Sonia Taylor to Eric M. Carter, $211,000.

CHIPPENHAM TERR.,15805-Patrick Larosiliere to Lamont Baxter, $810,000.

DEREK ST.,311-Erma D. and Thomas E. Cole Sr. to Olufunke A. Carter, $400,000.

ESSENTON DR.,123-Fredericka and Robert Lyles to Barbara H. Bragg, $350,000.

FOX BOW DR.,12916-Cameron Grove Associates Limited Partnership to Collinea and Ronald J. Sumpter, $297,905.

GALESHEAD DR.,2910-Mid-Atlantic Builders of BeechTree to Diana L. Mitchell, $756,957.

GEATON DR.,3207-Kim P. and Daniel W. Ross III to Aristedes C. Jimenez and Maria Contreras, $549,900.

JEFF RD.,3522-G. Richard Plenty Jr. to Elliott D. Moore Sr., $260,000.

MODENA CIR.,14114-Michael Harris Oak Creek Corp. to Juanita L. Dean, $723,320.

MOUNT LUBENTIA WAY,10711-Antoinette and Kenneth R. Davis to Tonya M. Gray, $485,000.

NORTHERN LIGHTS DR.,1200-Richmond American Homes of Maryland to Dalton D. Graham, $667,063.

PRINCE PL.,10135, No. 303-6A-Marvin Rice to Brenda T. Brown, $129,000.

RIDGELY ST.,320-Diane C. Hewlett to Karen L. Davis, $416,000.

SYMONDSBURY WAY,15423-Mid-Atlantic Builders of BeechTree to Ktalilah Hunter, $796,040.

TREELAND WAY,1049-Ryland Group Inc. to Alvitra Drake, $469,095.

TURNER WOOTTON PKWY.,14309-OC Club Corp. to Lois M. Mittelstaedt, $650,000.

VALERIAN LANE,2910-Washington Homes Inc. to Marianne Donaldson and Winfred Ablorh-Odjidja, $626,670.

WATER FOWL WAY,13629-Jeannine R. and Maceo V. Mays to Kevan C. Clark, $585,000.

WHISTLING DUCK DR.,1001-Tracye J. and Eric M.A. Donovan to Wendy Clark, $599,500.

Laurel Area

ARBORY LANE S.,7646-Deltwania S. Hinton to Shawna D. Shaw Meakes, $284,900.

BONNETT LANE,14313-Roberta D. Hudson to Alphonse Y. Lipot and Rose Ngo, $335,000.

BOUNDS AVE.,15607-Robert E. Jr. and Pamela E. Reilly to Amanda C. and Brien T. Berard, $419,000.

BRISTON ST.,14005-Roesmarie Eicker to Jamal R. James, $199,000.

CHERRYWOOD DR.,14916-Mayra P. and Jose H. Cerna to Lakysha R. Owens, $289,900.

DORSET RD.,15947-Abdullahi O. Ogiefo to Mary and Michael T. Achu, $324,000.

HAYNES RD.,15800-Luis A. Camacho Kalil to Mario A. Vega, $340,000.

HOLGER CT.,5802-Daniel K. Nguyen and Linh T. Vo to Moses Wamala, $635,000.

JERALD RD.,16121-Stephen H. and Teresa Stoller to Alfred and Matilda Koroma, $415,000.

KALMIA DR.,15107-Grace A. and Emmanuel Fasaye to Elizabeth E. Orellana, $319,000.

KENNY CT.,16102-Rowena B. and Clarance D. McKown to Osbaldo A.R. Moscoso and Lesbin M. Benitez, $433,900.

KORBA PL.,14007-Kathy L. Ryder to Bethel Abate, $250,000.

LAUREN LANE,14120-Edward N. Pailen Jr. to Edna Stanley, $247,500.

MAYFAIR DR.,14522-Ana Rivera to Aletta Catoe, $370,000.

MAYFAIR TERR.,6956-Derek S. Harshbarger to Relonna Gilmore, $320,000.

MONTROSE AVE.,807-Norma Ramire and Henry E. Lemus to Norma Ramirez and Deyvin S. Umansor, $340,000.

NEAR THICKET WAY,7301-Michael Harris Development to Laverne A. Wilson, $645,990.

RAILROAD AVE.,14012-Oakcrest Homes Partnership to Vilma Arguera and German Salmeron, $505,000.

VISTA DR.,14057-Donna L. Gallo Herman to Tanika Williams Reid, $200,000.

WICKLOW LANE,14306-Hoa Q. Doan and Binh T. Nguyen to Anthony C. Osandu, $772,000.

WOODBINE DR.,7535-Janet L. Peake to Olufunmi Ashamu, $274,000.

YARDARM WAY,14109-Prabhu Samuel to Francis Young, $239,950.

Montpelier Area

CEDARBROOK LANE,12205-Kathleen A. and Steven G. Matczak to Ramon Rivera, $459,900.

GAMBREL CT.,13500-Catherine S. Thomas to Haiol Umanzor, $570,000.

IMPERIAL DR.,8237-V-Mohamadou Thiam to Nicole and Dwayne McQueen, $285,000.

LAURELWALK DR.,11364-Alejandro L. Navarro to Rachel M. Barnes, $194,000.

Mount Rainier Area

SHEPHERD ST.,2800-Gladstone and Shirley Blair to Jose A. Vasquez and Evelin Fonseca, $375,000.

31ST ST.,4110-Claude L. Crawford to Claudette L. Crawford, $325,000.

33RD ST.,4008-Claudia J. Alfaro and Jose A. Argueta to Juan A. Mendez, $357,000.

34TH ST.,4014-Kwame Nyan to Ademola O. Oloyade, $324,000.

New Carrollton Area

ALLISON ST.,7003-Ametrice D. Taylor and Telly S. Barnes to Jeovany Vasquez and Ana Y. Garcia, $295,000.

DECATUR ST.,7109-Jacqueline L. Newton to Jesus A. Salamanca, $295,000.

FLINTRIDGE DR.,5122-Theresa D. and Kelly F. McAlpine to Jose S. Moreno, $325,000.

GLENOAK RD.,4823-Felix A. and Maria O. Mejia to Jose P. Gonzales and Mirian E. Galo, $359,900.

GLENRIDGE DR.,7230-Joan C. and Robert E. Baumgardner to Pedro R. Gaton Jr., $175,000.

LANDING WAY,6421-Ann K.B. and Mark D. Thompson to Oluwatoyin Adu, $387,000.

RANDOLPH ST.,6910-Fernando and Omar C. Gonzalez to Yenis Mejia and Rodolfo Quijano, $358,000.

RUNFORD DR.,5816-Maureen S. Condore, trustee, to Elvia L. Salvador, $345,000.

TOPTON ST.,7603-Isabelle B. Gross to Melodia R. and Evan Stewart and William H. and Antonia Parks, $318,000.

85TH AVE.,5406, No. 202-Jacqueline Henry to Frank R. Randolph Sr., $138,000.

Oxon Hill Area

DEVONSHIRE DR.,1119-Deann M. Tebo to Joseph J. Greenfield, $190,000.

FOREST DR. S.,809-Oscar Orellana to Rosa M. Sagastizado and Byron F. Cabrera, $370,000.

GALLOWAY DR.,5616-Tinalouise and Reginald Martin to Enemia A. Hernandez and Zelma Escolero, $320,000.

HAMPTON DR.,609-Kabaka Group Corp. to Serena P. Irby, $235,000.

SHELBY DR.,812-Clarence H. IV and Marsha Ashe to April L. and Everett P. Jones, $219,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR.,507, No. 6706-Alphonso W. Gabriel to Carlos Winston, $186,000.

WILSON BRIDGE DR.,520, No. 6721-Isabelita J. Glorioso to Brandon L. Feraren, $170,000.

WOODLAND BLVD.,5302-Shere and Sinclair G. Wilhoit III to Carlos E. Sanchez, $340,000.

Riverdale Area

BEACON PL.,6815-Claude Swanson Jr. to Vicenta Fuentes, $350,000.

KENILWORTH AVE.,6213-Ana M. and Luis Wilson to Bolivar Caminero, $360,000.

KENNEDY ST.,5701-Sue A. and William M. Heyman to Fabian Edwards, $475,000.

LONGFELLOW ST.,6112-Elizabeth E. Orellana to Linda C. and Sherman F. Crompton, $280,000.

MUSTANG DR.,6026-Olga and Santos M. Martinez to Ismael A. Sola, $362,000.

NICHOLSON ST.,4809-George E. and Roberta I. Trevvett to Alfonso and Cecilia Solorzano, $270,000.

OLIVER ST.,4507-Cecelia R. Kolos to Thomas J. and Diane M. Kolos, $171,875.

RITTENHOUSE ST.,5815-Carlos Ispizua to Claudia and Juan A. Garcia, $365,000.

SUPRA PL.,5805-Elizabeth Isabemoh to Kingsley Ogideh, $480,000.

57TH AVE.,6311-Charles Ngansop to Jehovah Properties Corp., $293,600.

60TH PL.,6307-Annie B. and Lydell M. Hagans to James R. Risse, $236,000.

61ST PL.,5612-Michael L. and Melissa D. Rucker to Syan Mean and Sok Nuo, $253,000.

Suitland Area

APPLEGATE CT.,4129-Janie S. Moore Cooper to Tracie Henderson, $252,900.

BONITA ST.,3408-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Eugene Stewart, $305,000.

BOXWOOD DR.,6702-Herbert L. Manley to Nabila and Anthony Keene, $280,000.

CRAB APPLE CT.,4120-Denise Jones Johnson to Alison A. Boyce, $242,000.

DELTA LANE,5804-Dorys W. Womack to Margarita Chavez, $330,000.

EATON DR.,4602-Karen L. and Ernest L. Curtin to Ernesto Gonzalez, $280,000.

EWING AVE.,2506-Peggy C. and Lance D. Harrison to Aisha Ogburn, $325,000.

SHADYSIDE AVE.,2112-Pancosmic Spirit of God Church Inc. to Linda J. and Jack G. Bannister, $70,000.

SILVER PARK CT.,3714-Anita Mingo to Jacqueline Walls, $247,000.

STONECLIFF RD.,3701-Carmen D. Reyes Fierro to Gilberto and Veronica Chavarria, $345,000.

Temple Hills Area

AKRON ST.,4717-Charles M. and Michele Campbell to Maria O. Montiel and Alis Orellana, $355,000.

ANVIL LANE,2235-Deborah A. Wellman to Yvonne H. Gant, $230,999.

BIRCHTREE LANE,4512-Wendy R. Hicks Scheetz to Pamela S. Jenkins, $347,000.

BRINKLEY RD.,3140, No. 301-Tina Mboyamba to Christine V. Scipio, $135,000.

BROADWATER ST.,5405-Maria I. and Miguel A. Henriquez to Ivan Hernandez, $350,000.

CANTERBURY WAY,3905-Veronica D. Faison to Edward S. Curtis II, $238,000.

CEDAR BLUFF PL.,5704-Vincent W. and Deborah Harrington to Detric and Mesheeta D. Price, $335,000.

DAWN LANE,2242-Catherine J. Hawkins to Laurinda Butler Green, $219,900.

FISHER RD.,5750-Raymond W. Bush Jr. to Carolyn Childs, $360,000.

GOOD HOPE AVE.,3103, No. S-410-Colease P. Dixon to Victoria Payton Webber, $50,000.

HUNTLEY SQUARE DR.,3331, No. B-2-Dwayne L. Crowder to Kimberly A. Washington, $165,000.

IVERSON ST.,2606, No. 25-Jorge B. Menacho to Nandi Wilson, $170,000.

LORRAINE DR.,5205-Michelle P. and Philecia J. Reece to Grace V. and William H. Ford Sr., $306,000.

PORTAL AVE.,3727-Joyce L. Jones to David Simard, $241,000.

ROBINIA RD.,6810-Marion Whitney to Rodney Travis, $380,000.

TEMPLE HILL RD.,4919-Misturat A.I. and Olusola Ajayi to Sikiratu M. Akinde, $350,000.

26TH AVE.,3711-Patrick T. Johnson to Shantese M. Swinson, $335,000.

28TH AVE.,3827, No. 23-Angela Coller Stratton to Huler D. Dixon, $133,000.

28TH PKWY.,3119-Mary A. Pinkney to Romane Kelly and Denise Smith, $235,000.

28TH PKWY.,3604-Karen V. Carr to Chukwuma J. Okorie, $230,000.

University Park- West Hyattsville Area

CHILLUM RD.,1005-AG FCP 1001 Chillum Road Owner Corp. to Marilyn S. Rothra, $168,900.

CHILLUM RD.,1305-Arthur Long to David Argueta Gomez, $500,473.

COLBURN TERR.,5025-Kau Korto to Zainab Kamara Baity, $348,000.

MANORWOOD DR.,3500-Carol D. Helton to Ayana Williams and Norval Wood, $310,000.

OLIVER ST.,3508-Raymond C. and Nancy R. Chick to Martha and Luis A. Herrera, $465,000.

PARKER HOUSE TERR.,5601-AG FCP 1001 Chillum Road Owner Corp. to Cheryl D. Greene, $217,900.

TOLEDO TERR.,3450, No. 501-Marvin Blumberg to Clarisse A. Owens, $190,000.

TOLEDO TERR.,3450, No. 719-Swan Properties Inc. to Jaclyn Cole and Brian J. Adkins, $179,000.

VAN BUREN ST.,2012-Milton A. and Delmy Y. Siguenza to Maria C.D. Iraheta and Antonia Rosales, $410,000.

24TH AVE.,6614-Perla Viands to Eduviges Urbina, $325,000.

25TH AVE.,6711-Anne T. and Francis K. Briggs to Cleanne D. Labady, $335,000.

25TH AVE.,6714-William P. Redman Jr. to Stanley G. Richards Sr., $340,000.

37TH AVE.,6017-Barbara A. Allen to Blanca A. Rosales, $385,000.

44TH AVE.,6701-Ila W. and Walter W. Deshler to Colleen M. O'Malley, $405,000.

Upper Marlboro Area

BARENTON DR.,14003-Kamal Abdulkadir to Erica L. Azore, $315,500.

BENTWATERS DR.,13805-Lesley N. Marshall to Tomel Burke, $285,000.

COURTLAND LANE,13809-Andrea N. Davis to Gregory I. Bhola, $285,000.

CRAIN HWY. SE,7818-Clevette and Francis Nichols to Earle W. Washington, $575,000.

DULEY STATION RD.,11574-Phyllis P. and Thomas E. Nicholson to TDN Investments Corp., $585,000.

FARNSWORTH LANE,14000-Danielle D. Gregg to Curtis Fitzgerald Jr., $247,500.

FENDALL CT.,13507-Investment Group 40 Inc. to Mae R. and Thomas L. Thrift, $1.44 million.

GENTIAN CT.,10517-Anita D. Brooker to Dustin Bryson and Asta Wabbington, $500,000.

GRAYSTONE DR.,9905-Dana M. and Terence B. Lewis to Marlon C. Lancaster and Marisa A. Stevens Lancaster, $550,000.

HALLAM DR.,6507-Charles E. and C. Sharon Johnson to Deniece L. Lane, $240,000.

HAMPSHIRE HALL CT.,14219, No. G-510-Nina C. Green to Natesa Robinson, $285,000.

KING GREGORY WAY,13919-William E. Graham to Michelle D. Thomas, $275,000.

LORD FAIRFAX CT.,4318-Carrimbeann and Che A. Sayles to Marcia R. Peoples, $375,000.

LORD FAIRFAX PL.,13849-William R. Barton Sr. to Latif J. Lewis, $298,000.

LORD STERLING PL.,13711-Patricia L. Farris to Sheila A. Wilson, $283,000.

LORD STERLING PL.,13719-Dominick R. Rampey to Ralawna J. Cobb, $275,000.

PARAGON CT.,8520-Daniel and Lauren G. Montgomery to Altramez S. Fuller Jordan, $324,000.

PELICAN DR.,11012-Courtney D. and Chris Joyner to Jasmine and Robert Talford, $529,000.

SHERBORN LANE,4506-Karyn Y. Cleveland to Karla X. Madrid, $315,000.

SHERWOOD DR.,9205-Vonnie B. and Andrew L. Ryan to Patricia McRae, $530,000.

SHERWOOD DR.,9403-Vivian A. Shade to Alex A. Martinez, $320,000.

SLY FOX CT.,5102-K. Hovnanian Homes of Maryland to Sebrina A. Miller, $609,016.

SYBARIS DR.,7214-Tina Robinson to Eric A. and Michelle M. Jones, $325,000.

TOWN CENTER WAY,12737-Joseph A. Sr. and Enid T. Swann to Herbert Robinson and Cherie Ford, $333,500.

TRINITY LANE,14455-Jeffrey Scott to Ruffin R. Smith, $296,000.

VILLAGE DR. N.,3417-Shirley J. Dejavanne to Alphonzo Simpson, $335,000.

WELSHIRE DR.,10401-Patricia Rudolph to Dwane Bennett, $449,000.

WOODFORD LANE,4806-Willie W. Landers to Prudentia Taku, $332,000.

Woodmore- Lake Arbor Area

DIPLOMAT AVE.,3805-NVR Inc. to Wayne S. Shields, $892,804.

DIPLOMAT AVE.,3809-NVR Inc. to Gregory and Cynthia Bennett, $1.03 million.

DUNHILL CT.,3803-NVR Inc. to Marilyn and James C. Simpson, $983,230.

DUNWOOD VALLEY DR.,14705-Larry W. and Deidra N. Bryant to Joseph McCarley and Laquan Partee, $650,000.

EVENING STAR PL.,603-Paula C. Wiltshire to Tracy L. Johnson, $350,000.

FOXRIDGE CT.,10508-George Prath and Gloria P. White to Cherylen M. Long, $601,500.

FRASER FIR CT.,1702-Matthew R. and Jennifer Schwitzer to Mildred M. and Bobby I. Bradsher, $418,000.

GREENSPIRE WAY,10013-Kanika Raney to Hewitt Associates Corp., $307,500.

KINGS VALLEY DR.,904-Cynthia M. Best to Charles Coleman, $420,000.

PARTRIDGE LANE,1409-Patrick A. Burke to Ellis F. Merriman, $520,000.

PEPPERRIDGE DR.,15100-Lamar E. and Eleanor P. Hough to Patricia and Tyuan Rice, $537,000.

ST. MICHAELS DR.,765-Andre L. Somerville to Gloria E. Usanga, $237,000.

WOODWALK TERR.,12348-Kendra M. and Stephen A. Carroll to John R. Saunders, $422,000.

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