Rums of Refinement

(By Bill O'leary -- The Washington Post)
By Jason Wilson
Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Arum tasting is quite different from a wine tasting. I know that because a couple of weeks ago, I went to TasteDC's second annual Rum Festival, held at the Woman's National Democratic Club. That night, participants were tasting more than 60 rums from all over the Caribbean and Latin America.

So what's a rum tasting like? Let me quickly dispense with a few of your more pressing questions:

· No, neither Captain Morgan Spiced Rum nor Malibu coconut rum was being served.

· Yes, there was indeed a $279 aged rum on offer.

· No, there was not a mojito, piña colada or frozen strawberry daiquiri to be found.

· No, no one described anything as "grassy" or "fruit forward," and I did not hear the word "terroir" (even mispronounced) once.

· Yes, I saw several young women drawing smiley faces on their tasting sheets to mark the rums they liked and frowny faces to mark the ones they didn't.

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