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-- Tim Page

At Washington National Cathedral, Wisconsin and Massachusetts avenues NW. Tonight at 5. Admission is free. Information: 202-537-2229.


IN A JUST WORLD,"Don't Let Go" by the bilingual Bronx duo Pacha Massive would be one of the biggest songs of the summer. A hypnotic, burbling slice of Latin funk, the song pairs the urbane vocals of Colombian-born Maya Martinez with the cool electronica flourishes of Dominican-born DJ Ramon Nova. The result is an irresistible global groove. In fact, Pacha Massive's album, "All Good Things," is loaded with delights that mix and match sounds from around the world: a little bit of hip-hop and reggae here, a blast of cumbia or palo there -- like Latin alternative's answer to Morcheeba or something.

-- J. Freedom du Lac

Pacha Massive opens for Los Amigos Invisibles on Saturday at the 9:30 club. 815 V St. NW. $22. Tickets are available from or at the box office. For more information, visit, or call 202-393-0930.

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